Audio Roundup 2023:8

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by Joel Rich

In my Sunday Rambam chabura, we’re up to hilchot Sanhedrin. I’ve been suggesting trying to deconstruct the halachot to understand the underlying theories (of HKBH and chazal-eg predilection to not convict the innocent and why). When the Rambam (Hilchot Sanhedrin 1:10) lists the role of the 120 people required in a town to have a Sanhedrin, I noted there is a bet din but not a rav. It appeared to me that historically(certainly Talmudic times) the leadership focus was on the be din and sometime/somewhere it reversed. If so, any idea when and (to me more importantly) why?

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Recently davened mincha at a minyan where I heard the gabbai instructing a visitor who was to be the shatz as to local protocols including saying mizmor 121. After davening I asked the gabbai why they were saying it. He told me that he initiated it some years back for a challenging situation but he didn’t remember why and they just never stopped. I wonder how many minhagim started that way?

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