Audio Roundup: NLI Special

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by Joel Rich


NLI  Mid-Winter Yarchei Kallah

Mrs. Olivia Friedman-Julia Haart’s Redeeming Quality: #unorthodox or Tanach Tradition

Tanach (and later) villains have a good side as well. We should keep that in mind when dealing with people in general (people are complex).,-and-we-say-managing-conflicting-messages-about-our-values/

Mrs. Emma Katz-They Say, and We Say: Managing Conflicting Messages About our Values

In the past we held the high ground on values, now everyone’s values exclude all others. Purim was the first time this type of attack on our values occurred. We accept our history;  torah values will take us forward.

Dr. Malka Simkovich-How did the Rabbis Revolutionize Love?

In torah love is about our relationship with HKBH – in bayit sheni it became more universal and about love of others as well. Perhaps our (love of) tora generates a more universal love.

Mrs. Alissa Zeffren,Mrs. Olivia Friedman,Mrs. Emma Katz,Mrs. Beth Perkel-Torah Learning Today: Where Tradition meets Innovation

Practices (minhagim?) are very hard to change (and it’s complex), just ask the rosh who couldn’t get the locals to say vten tal umatar during their rainy season.

Mrs. Sara Krishtul-Rain Rain Go Away- When Tefillah Meets Modern Meteorology

Teaching in all its manifestations is complex, especially today. Listen here for different current approaches. Of particular interest (to me) is the question -holocaust education working?


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