Audio Roundup 2023:4

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by Joel Rich

From R’ A Lichtenstein on the shift in the view of baalei mesora on marital relations: “The allure of facile historicistic solutions in our case, of ascription to Sufi or Scholastic influences, regarding worldliness, in general, or sexuality, in particular – is palpably self-evident. In dealing with giants, however, we strive to avoid succumbing to its alluring temptations.
To be sure, post-hazal gedolim, rishonim or aharonim may be affected by the impact of contact with a general culture to which their predecessors had not been exposed and to whose content and direction they respond. Upon critical evaluation of what they have encountered, they may incorporate what they find consonant with tradition and reject what is not. In the process, they may legitimately enlarge the bounds of their hashkafah and introduce hitherto unperceived insights and interpretations.”

Me- That’s complex and not reproduceable – Thoughts?

A comment on the Israeli political negotiations to form a government including “Religious Parties”: What fascinates me is that if you were to present the situation to an outside analyst without disclosing the religious elements, they would likely see it as a run of the mill political struggle where a subgroup is trying to maximize its welfare (piece of the pie) at the cost of the larger community (size of the pie). See tragedy of the commons as an example:
Determining the will of HKBH is complex but I’m pretty sure it involves getting someone’s opinion other than those in your echo chamber. Thoughts?

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