Audio Roundup Special: Rabbi Bednarsh

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by Joel Rich

Hilchot Shabbat shiur 1 (Zore’a part 1)

Defining zorea – avot and toldot. Is it anything that helps growth? (including preventative measures?) Is weeding zorea or choresh? Is the issur violated based on action, intent, and/or results. How does psik reisha apply (eg walk on grass, wash hands). What is the status of liquids which aren’t good for growth?) Specific applications discussed.

Hilchot Shabbat shiur 2 (Zore’a part 2)

Zorea/grama/psik reisha/not mchavein – is this enough for a heter especially if you don’t really see any results (or maybe that’s not even a mlacha?) What are the implications for hot water taps?

It’s not zorea if there will be no growth (# of possible cases). Flowers in a vase could be an issue of they will open and changing or putting water in can be an issue of tircha.

Introduction to choresh – is it about softening the earth or improving it? Might be in preparation for zorea?

Hilchot Shabbat shiur 3 (Choresh part 1)

Is choreish the physical act of preparing for planting or is intent also required? In depth discussion of psik reisha including dlo nicha lei with one or two drabanans and al ydei akum. Specific applications discussed (sweeping floors, security systems …)

Hilchot Shabbat shiur 4 (Choresh part 2)

Brooming might be considered demeaning for Shabbat or uvda dchol -perhaps have a separate shabbat broom? It is a problem if bristles break off? What about washing the floor or spilled water cleanup?

Is making tracks an issue (eg baby carriage)? Are bicycles a problem? (eg uvda dchol, shema yitakein) What about playing marbles? Is a ball muktzeh? Is sandbox usage an issue

Hilchot Shabbat shiur 5 (Kotzer part 1)

Can you walk on tall grass on shabbat? What about combing your hair? Is kotzer limited or does it include separating anything mgdulo (what about milking? fishing?)

Analysis of atzutz nakuv vs eino (duraita v drabanan) and when do klachar yad/shinui et al allow for leniencies when there’s a significant monetary loss.

Hilchot Shabbat shiur 6 (Kotzer part 2)

Finishes up the question of when the “matir” of hefsed can be applied (drabanan, with shinui, btzina …?)

What is the status of something dried with regard to kotzer, what are the rules of shimush bmchubasr for trees/plants/grass?,-meamer)/

Hilchot Shabbat shiur 7 (Kotzer part 3, Me’amer)

Continuation of shimush question including: using a tree stump, tree climbing, trees and ladders, trees and pegs .. similar discussion concerning animal/use – what is the muktze status of pets?

Meamer – what qualifies as duraita or drabanan gathering – is it just fruits? Into a basket? Only in the field?

Hilchot Shabbat shiur 8 (Dosh part 1)

Schita issues – what’s duraita, drabanan or mutar? When is it dosh and when it is borer? Grapes/olives vs other fruit – does it depend on time and place as to whether the fruit is usually squeezed for juice? Is it schita if you directly suck the juice? Squeezing food into food is permitted but is that based on eventual use or current status? What happens if there an intermediate vessel?

Hilchot Shabbat shiur 9 (Dosh part 2)

Can you squeeze a lemon to make lemonade if people don’t squeeze them for making lemon juice to drink. When does something have a “shem mashkeh”?

Can you squeeze a liquid out of an already prepared food? Specific cases discussed include: melting/crushing sugar cubes; walking, crushing or urinating on snow; and warming foods with congealed fat.

Hilchot Shabbat shiur 10 (dosh part 3)

More on ice making or unmaking – factors include: do you want it to melt, do you cause it directly is it a real tzorech? Making it may be be less of a problem than melting it. Is aerosol whip cream a problem (maybe).

Can you squeeze a cloth or a sponge? Why might having a handle make a difference? Can you squeeze water out of your hair (most interesting to me – lo nicha lei means lo ichpat lei (ie I don’t care one way or the other is enough)).

Hilchot Shabbat shiur 11 (dosh part 4)

Practical schita applications including: tooth brushing (also mmareach issue), baby wipes, paper towels, milking (animal and human), and tzovea in foods and in clean up.

Introduction to differing opinions defining borer vs. mrakeid.,-borer-part-1)/

Hilchot Shabbat 12 (Dosh part 5, Borer part 1)

The conditions to “allow” borer (byad, lalter and ochel/mtoch psolet) are based on various opinions in the gemara and seem to define derech achila (are these a matir or is doing it bderech breira that’s assur?) Definitions of each step are needed. Specific issues discussed include separating ochel from ochel (putting game pieces away) and defining different minim.

Hilchot Shabbat 13 (Borer part 2)

Much of borer analysis is dependent  on whether there is another way to access the food would you eat it as is, and whether there is an actual taarovet. Applications include: peel vs seeds, fly in the soup, stickers on food and washing fruit.

Hilchot Shabbat 14 (Borer part 3)

More on borer applications to filters and strainers. Issues to consider include: strainer material and normal usage, liquid type (wine, water) and clarity (clear, murky) and would you drink it as is? When is there a separate issue of libun?

Hilchot Shabbat 15 (borer part 4)

Borer applications continued including: pouring coffee when grounds are on the bottom of the pouring utensil, taking tuna from liquid in the can, pouring soup from the pot or ladle without veggies (using pot cover), taking a tea bag out of a cup, salt shakers with rice, separating egg yolks and whites, drinking through a straining cloth and spitting into the wind (we paskin against Jim Croce)

Hilchot Shabbat 16 (Borer part 5)

Finishing up borer – is a spoon a kli for the prohibition of borer? Intro to tochein – understanding shinuyim that would allow it.  Includes discussion of does it only apply to gidulei karka, does the result need to be raui lachila? Is chopping including or only crushing?

Hilchot Shabbat 17 (Borer part 6)

Concerning tochein – is there tochein achar tochein? How does uvda dchol interact with tochein? Is there a leniency of lalter? What is the status of smashing? 

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