Audio Roundup Special: Agudah Convention 2022

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by Joel Rich

Agudah Convention 2022: Technology: Addressing The Challenge

Social media is very dangerous. Kids today need to feel understood. We need to understand how precious every minute is.

Agudah Convention 2022: The Secret Sauce to Klal Ventures

We are all one family and we can all do something for another including starting organizations.

Agudah Convention 2022: Post Thursday Keynote Live

Mental health focus on the positive and other chit chat.

Agudah Convention 2022: Thursday Keynote- Building Blocks- Yaakov Klugmann

Introductory remarks of chizuk for each of us to take responsibility.

Agudah Convention 2022: Caring For All Yidden

Agudah sponsors Yahalom for special needs resources. There’s less stigma concerning special needs now but it still exists and there’s more stress now than ever. People will help if you ask and you must take care of yourself. Tips for improving education (and life) provided.

Agudah Convention 2022: Q&A: “I’m Asking for a Friend…”

Issues discussed include: only happy ending stories of emuna(not realistic/wrong hashkafa), helping woman who are not mothers deal with the stigma (other ways to contribute pray a lot (both them and us)), we need strong torah centers (Lakewood) but individuals can make individual decisions to go out of town, technology allows availability of great shiurim but need personal connections (LOL when mention of technology allowing listening at double speed – when I was listening at triple speed), learning certain sfarim as a segula (there is a mesora but …), laying low as a community vs shtadlanut (balance – but being obviously materialistic isn’t good), and dealing with anxiety about moshiach’s coming.

Agudah Convention 2022: Tzedakah Priorities

The havtacha for ashirut from giving “tzedakah” works, exceptions are all for our benefit. Torah study should be our first priority in tzedakah (me – over our own torah study?)

Agudah Convention 2022: Chaim Aruchim: Financial, Legal, and Halachic Advice for Seniors and their Children

Chaim aruchim is an excellent resource for E-O-L issues but you should do as much as you can in advance, including picking a poseik. Financial planning is also important.

Agudah Convention 2022: Anti-Semitism and Anti-Chareidism; Are They The Same

Lots of challenges out there. NY State is trying to destroy the yeshiva system the NY times is against us (they’re jealous) and now the left is worse than the right. We need to fight back and not give reasons for more bad press. Chasidim shouldn’t be excluded from the Agudah!

Agudah Convention 2022: Orthodox Optics, How Do They Look At Us

We have real problems with social media and NY state. Being a separate nation and acting as a role model from afar can backfire!

Agudah Convention 2022: Portraits of Gedolim That We Were Zoche to Know

Lessons from the lives of R Shlomo Schwadron, R Avraham and R Shmuel Levine.

Agudah Convention 2022: Effective Tefillah in Halacha and Hashkafa

Effective tfila requires mindfulness of the meaning of the individual tfilot and the context of our relationship with HKBH. We need practice and intent in our prayer!

Agudah Convention 2022: Motsei Shabbos Keynote- Speaking Up- Dov Fishoff

A tribute to R Dov Fishoff’s father and all the many great Aguda programs.

Agudah Convention 2022: Yarchei Kallah- הלעיטהו לרשע וימות

Lomdus concerning putting poison into a sandwich to catch a repeat offender (me-if allowed, should you do it?)

Agudah Convention 2022: Motzai Shabbos Keynote- Speaking Up – Rabbi Moshe Hillel Hirsch

The Slabodka rosh yeshiva on the importance for baalei batim to be moser nefesh to learn (more than daf yomi).

Agudah Convention 2022: Living Yiddishkiet in A Working Enviornment

Identify workplace challenges and deal with them by remembering our goal is to be avdei hashem, connect to the torah and be mkadeish shem shamaim. Try to be normal but show that we’re different (me-it’s all about balance).

Agudah Convention 2022: Motzai Shabbos Keynote- Speaking Up

Topics include: remembering those we’ve lost, chizuk, importance of political activism, recognizing that the US has changed (not for the better) and Agudah’s efforts for Ukranian Jews.

Agudah Convention 2022: Getting Your Kids Excited About Yiddishkiet

Be a role model, give your kids respect, and believe in them.

Agudah Convention 2022: Daf Yerushalmi: A Growing Limud

Comparing the Yerushalmi and Bavli. Why is now the time to learn Yerushalmi? Eretz yisrael is ours again and Bavli doesn’t cover zeraim et al (also Artscroll has published it!)

Agudah Convention 2022: Parental Rights in Education: Under Attack or Expanding?


NY state education department issues with the yeshivas, the importance of voter turnout, and current developments in school vouchers/parental choice.

Agudah Convention 2022: Sunday Keynote- “Affluenza” and its Impact on the Family and Individuals- Rabbi Yaakov Robinson

(me – as R YBS said, Jews have done better with the test of poverty then the test of affluence). Money isn’t the problem, not having your head screwed on straight is (me – the rest is not commentary).


About Joel Rich

Joel Rich is a frequent wannabee cyberspace lecturer on various Torah topics. A Yerushalmi formerly temporarily living in West Orange, NJ, his former employer and the Social Security administration support his Torah listening habits. He is a recovering consulting actuary.

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