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by Joel Rich

From correspondence on a philosophical debate – One should not take one maamar chazal as the basis of jewish philosophy on a matter. Of course, it’s a bit of a challenge that even those greats who have seen the whole forest of maamarei chazal come to different conclusions on proper conclusions! So why is that?

Another snippet:
While Torah intuition may lie beneath their rulings, the vast majority of rabbinic decisions are supported by source-based evidence. And if a refutation is brought to light, the theory is abandoned with no source left unexplained.

Me-IMHO this is a bit of an oversimplification -ISTM that if a refutation is brought to light but no other theory suggests itself which more fits the data, the approach is to minimize the offending source or read it somewhat tortuously. The interesting question to me then is why does one data point offend one of the disputants more than the other (and vv). Thoughts?



  • Rabbi Shay Schachter-Introduction to Hilchos Muktzah Part I – why was the prohibition of muktzeh promulgated and what are the basic categories?


  • Rabbi Osher Weiss-Parshat Chayei Sarah: Mitzvas Aveilus Is three days of crying for the meit simply required ritually or is it an important element of human nature? If the former, does comforting reduce the tirda dmitzva?

    Lots on why halacha’s suspension of aveilut during a plague doesn’t (didn’t) apply to Covid-10.

  • Rabbi David Hirsch-Halachah Chaburah 2022: How to Hand Out Kiddush Brov am hadras melech implies it’s better for one person to make kiddush and to be motzi the others at the meal. What’s the best way to ensure that everyone drinks from the kos shel bracha?


  • <a href=”> Rabbi Yehuda Turetsky-Machshava on the Parsha: Why Did Rivkah Fall Off The Camel? Explanations of why rivka fell off the camel, including some less than literal medrashim.

  • Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner-Business Ethics: COVID, Hockey Canada and the Toxic Workplace Hochacha, ifshurei missura and mesira today.

  • Rabbi Dr. Jason Weiner -Vaccination and Risk-Taking in Judaism Medical risk taking in halacha – when is it required, permitted or forbidden? Can/should you give up your life for others (eg testing treatments). The answer is nuanced and may change over time and place. (me-knowing when to be cautious and when to go all in is often subject to the Monday morning quarterbacking syndrome.)

  • Rabbi Shraga Kallus-Smoking First Thing In The Morning Q&A including: taking frozen challa from the freezer on shabbat and heating it (borer, cooking ice crystals), shehakol on water/soda if just drinking for thirst, ruach ra if you smoke prior to negal vasser, mzuza bracha if it falls, cheese and treif meat – no basar bechalav?, and touching clothes prior to negel vasser.

  • Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky-Getting to the Airport on Shabbos When do we allow amira lakum for a duraita (yishuv eretz yisrael/mitzvah drabim), a drabanan (mila) or a regular mitzvah?

  • Ari Wasserman , Rabbi Berel Wein ,Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz,Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz,Rabbi Avi Wiesenfeld ,Rabbi Gedalia Oppen-11/12/22 – “Being in the box” – have we made the “box” into a coffin? Is “the derech” too narrow?“We” (TBD) are requiring to much conformity (perhaps in reaction to the world around us, or too much materialism.) “We” need more emphasis on chanoch lanaar al pi darko.

  • Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz-Ten Minute Halacha – Holding/Carrying a Sefer Torah Hold the sefer torah on the right and treat it with the utmost respect (does that allow a child to hold it? Put it in holes on the bima?)

  • Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz-Ten Minute Halacha – Pidyon Shevuyim Defense fund contributions for white collar crime may be tzedakah but it ain’t pidyon shvuyim!

  • Rav Asher Weiss- מצוה בו יותר מבשלוחו R Weiss understands mitzva bo yoter mshlucho as being a din in chibuv hamitzvah. The schar goes to the shliach as the doer of the mitzva! (not everyone agrees!)

  • Rabbi Shimmy Steinmetz-Treating Patients Who Are Sinners Doctors today save mumarim (TBD) even though the gemara says ein moridin. Here’s why.

  • Yair Lichtman-Judaism and Extraterrestrial Life The existence of alien life might require a paradigm shift but wouldn’t be antithetical to our faith. What might HKBH’s message be?

  • Rabbi Shalom Rosner-Hair covering for married women Understanding hair covering and daat moshe and daat yehudit – what are the practical applications for who, what, how, when, where and how much to cover?

  • Life isn’t black and white and neither are people.

  • Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz-Q&A- Maharal, Kavod & Mazal Tov Q&A including: defining rasha and talmid chacham, al naharot bavel and zimmun practices, issues with paskening from kitzur shukhan aruch, minhagim, hotzaat zera levatala, post mortem nshamot, being a Jewish professional, tzitzit at night, bitul torah or needed relaxation?, sympathy v empathy, aruch hashulchan v mishna brurah, one’s chelek in ttalmud tora, pot habab bkisnin, tfila interruptions, english translation (+&-), kavod harav, number listening needed to start chazarat hashatz, public siyum v tsniut, moving to a more expensive seat, dai machsoro priority, zeh lo chaser is still gezel (me-?), why did the gra and arizal get to make their own rules, say amen if someone gives you a bracha and self-awareness is good but too much isn’t.

  • Rabbi Shraga Kallus-The Beracha On Medicine The gemara discussed meds which intrinsically tasted good not those where taste was added. There are a number of reasons not to make a bracha on meds with good taste added.

  • Talli Rosenbaum,Dr. Avi Muschel,Lisa Twerski-11/19/22 – Shiur 395 – Life Before Divorce – How do we stop the upward trend of divorce in our communities?“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” (but we have no data)

  • Rabbi Shay Schachter-Muktzah: Handling a Kli Shemilachto L’Issur Muktzeh – kli shmlachto lisur – understanding gufo and mkomo exceptions.

  • Rabbi Steven Pruzansky-Avshalom’s Rebellion How (and why) avshalom built support for his rebellion against Dovid hamelech.

  • Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst-Goral (Lottery) in Halacha Three categories of goral (lottery) in tanach and chazal, al pi shamayim, to split inheritances/partnerships, and what to do in the future. TBC when it’s ok and when not (tamim tihiyu).

  • Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein-Gabbi Refresher # 2- Laining Kriat hatorah rules including: aliya priorities, hagomel, kria errors, errors in sefer torah (when switch, say new bracha), honoring non-Jews and where to look when making the brachot.

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter-Parshas Chayei Sara Parsha insights including: age 20 minimum for heavenly punishment, kever yisrael, tashmishei kedusha and mitzva, kavod habriyot (Jews and non-jews), kicha kicha, proper courting rule, why yitzchak couldn’t go to ch”ul, zivug rishon and sheini, proper spelling in the tora, falling in love after marriage and Avraham and acupuncture.

  • Rabbi Zev Smith-Halachot of Hand Washing Is handwashing more like tvila (need for total body exposure) or koshering (could do by parts) when it comes to chatzitza? Which “chatzitot” are inconsequential by their physical makeup or how the individual or profession or society) views them? Specific cases analyzed.

  • Rabbi Yechiel Morris-Aner, Eshkol and Mamre and their relationship with Avraham: A model for Jews when living in a non-Jewish environment Abraham’s relationship with mamre is a paradigm for our relationship with our host nations while we are in the diaspora. We maintain our unique Jewish identity and they will respect us and want to attach to us.

  • Rabbi Michael Taubes-Parshat Chaya Sara Heicha Kedushah Why was the chazaeat hashatz established and why do we keep it? It was originally allowed only if the minyan is running out of time, so why is it used more frequently? If it is needed, what’s the proper way to do it

  • Rabbi Jeremy Wieder-Sichah – The Power of Self-Delusion We all have blind spots and need someone to point them out to us.

  • Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank-Rambam’s View on Hashgacha Part 3–Rambam’s Incredible Discovery How does the Rambam’s reconcile a belief in full divine justice with hashgacha being a function of our connection with hkbh (i.e. it’s not always 100%) TBC. The lessons of Job is that the solution to suffering is how we process it.

  • Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz-From The Rabbi’s Desk – Makeup for Shoshana Sex change surgery is forbidden. If done, it doesn’t change one’s halachic sex according to most authorities. There is no a msayea in drabanans if the person doesn’t care about halacha.
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