Audio Roundup 2022:50

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by Joel Rich

Part of an email exchange – process and ethics?
Your comments on internal versus external sevara reminds me of a discussion that I had recently about eiva vs darkei shalom. Someone proposed an algorithm to define them based on avoiding murderers versus good relations. I said that’s very nice. Let’s give the eight or so cases the Gemara actually mentions to people and see how they would group them. I doubt that we would get consistency, I wonder if the same thing is true with this internal versus external differentiation once you know the data you can assign them, but would you have known a priori? In general, I say the same thing about the question of ethic outside of Halacha . I agree that it’s probably semantic, but how do you actually generate the more meta-ethics outside of micro Halacha . And how does anyone who has ever been exposed to anything outside of Halacha have the right to do so since everybody else can say oh you were contaminated by outside thought?

In the post modern times that we live you can’t prove anything to anybody ( like Ramban – no slam dunk proofs in Gemara commentary)
Perhaps the best we can hope for is weight of evidence, but if we hang our hopes on the incredible wisdom, we should be aware that there are other selling incredible wisdom as well. I wish I had a better answer, but this is a subset of the why believe at all issue. I often think about Rav Lichtenstein’s piece on the source of faith. The challenge is that if you don’t have that feeling yourself, somebody else articulating it to you is not necessarily communicable unless you can do the Vulcan MindMeld I wish I had answers.

Do you?

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