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by Joel Rich

As Leo Tolstoy said in starting Anna Karenina “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” I’m sure there are many reasons why people attend kiddush clubs but imho the underlying cause is lack of connection with HKBH as mediated through halacha. That’s imho what we need to deal with, I only wish I knew how. Thoughts?

Jonathan Haidt uses the analogy of the elephant and its rider as a metaphor for the relationship between our reason and our emotion (passions). The rider helps the elephant make better choices but the rider cannot order the elephant to do something against its will. It occurs to me this is a good metaphor for what I’ve described as the delicate dance between the rabbis and amcha in the halachic process (eg gzeira shein rov hatzibur yecolim lamod ba). Thoughts?

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