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by Joel Rich

The shulchan aruch allows one to “borrow” another’s tallit or tfilin on the assumption that one would be happy to have another do a mitzvah with his property.
Questions: What if you have past history which might indicate this might not be a good assumption? What if after the fact you find out that this person did not want you to use his property? (Are you yotzei? Did you steal?)

  • <a href=”,-part-1> Rabbi Steven Pruzansky-David and Batsheva, Part 1

    Part 1 of a series concerning David and Batsheva. Starts with the retelling of the story and discussing differing approaches to the level of the “sin”.

  • Rabbi David Fohrman-Difficult Stories in Chumash: Understanding the Sale of Yosef

    Yosef’s story from his first dreams to interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams – the parallels and messages.

  • Rabbi Doniel Osher Kleinman-Parashat Yitro: Amira L’Akum Part 1 – Hinting To A Goy, Is It Ok?

    Rmiza lakum is a much more limited heter than most people realize.

  • Rabbi David Fohrman-Parashat Vayeshev: Difficult Stories in Chumash: Understanding the Story of Yehuda and Tamar

    The interruption of the Yosef narrative with the Yehuda/Tamar story is in order to teach us a lesson concerning leadership.

  • Rabbi Doniel Osher Kleinman-Daled Minim & Shmita

    Begins with a discussion of shmita status of arba minim – it’s all about do they have other uses (but even if not, there may be an issue of zika). Havlaah is a partial solution as is otzar beit din, but even with these we have concerns and issues.

  • Rav Asher Weiss-The Mitzvah of Teshuvah

    Understanding the Rambam on vidui and tshuva. Tshuva is both a mitzva and an opportunity. Why doesn’t bet din recognize tshuva? Because it’s a chiddush limited to the relationship between man and HKBH.

  • Rabbi Doniel Osher Kleinman-Parshat Bo – Kiddush Levana On A Cloudy Night

    It’s generally agreed that the earliest time for kiddush levana is when a fast would be over. How much benefit does one have to get and how much cloud cover can there be that would still allow for kiddush levana to be made?

  • Rabbi Doniel Osher Kleinman-Parshat Mishpatim: Are You Really Honest In Business?

    Taking a bribe is clearly forbidden. What’s the status of giving a bribe? It’s likely forbidden due to lack of yosher even if it’s not gezel. Kickbacks (me-and all of life) are likely subject to the same yosher criteria.

  • Rabbi Doniel Osher Kleinman-Parshat Vayakhel – Pekudei – Using Wind Up Toys On Shabbos…..

    Wind up power on Shabbat could be an issue of tikkun mana or of breathing life into something. This theory can affect many situations (eg watches, toys, etc.)

  • Rabbi Baruch Simon-Einstein shiur: Kevah and Aroy in halacha

    The concepts of kavua and arai have applications in may areas of halacha including: sukka, meals, sheimot, utensils, cans (Shabbat opening) and cutting toilet paper.

  • Rabbi Shraga Kallus-In The Sukkah: This Years Sukkah Shailos
    Miscellaneous sukkah questions including: accidental schach, drinking water outside the sukka (mitzvah or geder), schach with bugs, etrogim this year (shmita),kriat shma in the sukka, sleeping under a table and much more.
  • Rabbi Zev Smith-יש שכר לפעולתך

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.” (HT- C Dickens) What do we need to do now to bring moshiach?

  • Rav Asher Weiss-מצוות לאו להנות נתנו

    Mitzvot lav leihanot applies when the maaseh mitzva is avodat hashem, not issurei hanaa.

  • Rabbi Doniel Osher Kleinman-Parashat Be’halot’cha: Hadlakas Neiros With Electric Lights

    LED and fluorescent bulbs may be OK for Shabbat “lighting”, turn them off before making the bracha.

  • Rabbi Doniel Osher Kleinman-Parshat Vayigash: Tefillas Haderech – Common Questions About The Nuscha’os

    The text of tfilat haderech was somewhat unsettled – should it all be in plural? Always reflect a return trip? Is it a bracha or a tfila? (the latter)

  • Rabbi Shraga Kallus-The Games Of Reb Chaim Kaniefsky (Yeshivat Hakotel)

    Riddles from R Chaim Kanievsky

  • Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst-Matters Related to a Person in a Vegetative State ( Comatose, Alzheimer, Dementia)

    Human life of any type, even vegetative, must be preserved. Yissurim can make a positive difference in the world. There is always a mitzvah of bikkur cholim.

  • Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst-Chol Hamoed -what exactly is allowed for ochel nefesh

    Some things that are not allowed to be done on yom tov for ochel nefesh may be done on chol hamoed. Can you fish or cut flowers on chol hamoed? Also discussed cooking for non-Jews and/or non-shomer shabbat as well as industrial cooking. Machshirei ochel nefesh are generally OK on chol hamoed.

  • Rabbi Doniel Osher Kleinman-Parshat Yitro: Of Fine Wine, The Coravin and Shabbos Kodesh…

    Some fancy wine bottle dispenser (Coravin) is OK to use on Shabbat. The super bowl isn’t for the frum.

  • Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst-Halachos of Schach and Using Coverings to Keep Out the Elements

    Schlock/schach issues including: drip vs. hard rain (HT- Bob Dylan “it’s a hard rain gonna fall”), Does material make a difference (yes), Netting use (OK), Antwerp (all rain runs off) schach (OK), and Wartime blackouts (no good for sukkah).

  • Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst-Purchasing Israeli Arba Minim from a Shemitta Year

    Do etrog/shmita rules go by chanata or lkicha? How many can you take from a pardes? There are issues with havlaah and otzar beit din. Other minim also discussed.

  • Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits-Interview with Rav Yitzchak Berkovits – How the changed values of Western society has affected Klal Yisrael

    We’re surrounded by a society that doesn’t believe in absolute truth and it impacts us. What can we do about it?

  • Rabbi Doniel Neustadt-Agudah Convention 2016: Yarchei Kallah – ” Basar Shenitalem Min Ha’ayin”

    The technical definition of basar hanitaleim probably differs from what most people think of (they’re likely confusing it with the laws of using a non-Jewish messenger). The main thing to be concerned about is when the non-Jew benefits financially from a switch (eg substituting chalav stam for chalov yisroel)

  • Rabbi Doniel Neustadt-Inyanei Shavuot

    Shabbat is focused on self, yom tov is about others. Shavout is an atzeret for Pesach.

  • Rabbi Yisroel Reisman-Hakhel/Agudah Navigating in a Sinking World Event

    Amos’s message is that hester panim shows you have a relationship with HKBH. The final message of Iyov is we should ask what, not why, in times of adversity.

  • Rabbi Herschel Welcher-Selected Halachos of Shemoneh Esrai

    Shiur concerning fixes in shmoneh esrei including: vten tal, yaaleh vyavo, elokai nzor .. also discussed – proper timing for three steps before starting shmoneh esrai.

  • Rabbi Yehuda Turetsky-Leap of Faith and Innocent Faith: Rambam, Brisk, and Breslov

    Briskers try to blend intellect and experience in understanding the Rambam on Emunah (yedia). Breslov ignores the former.

  • Rabbi Herschel Welcher-Properly Fulfilling the Mitzvah of Tefillin – Part 1

    Tfillin are very important! Discussion of requirements including: materials, color, rtzuot, batim, squareness and proper care.

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter,rRabbi Aryeh Lebowitz ,Rabbi Shay Schachter ,Rabbi Isaac Rice -Leil Hoshanah Rabbah at YIW: The Importance of Mesorah & Talmidim of Rav Schachter Discuss Yom Tov Shailos

    Part One – R H Schachter discussed the importance of the oral law/mesora.

    Part Two – panel discussion including:Taking a lulav where you know it will be later confiscated, ben ch”ul who held one day in aretz flying to ch”ul on yom tov sheini, status of candle lighting on yom tov sheini, inviting non-Jews to a yom tov meal, picking a minhag(tefillin on chol hamoed) when you have none, pets on yom tov and 4 minim at night.

  • Rabbi Chaim Brovender-Rashi’s Beginning

    Bereshit is different than the other books of the torah as it represents an unconditional acceptance of the other four books. What was bothering Rashi in the first verse of Bereshit?

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