Audio Roundup Special: Agudah Kriat Hatorah

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by Joel Rich

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -1

Which “neviim” established the cycle of not going three days without kriat hatora? Why do we read on Monday and Thursday?

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -2

The gemara has two sources on requiring kriat hatora. How do we reconcile them with the timeline of the torah’s writing? Perhaps one is a requirement of learning (limud) and the other of reading (kria)?

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -3

What is the nature of birchat hatora for an oleh – kavod hatora/tzibur or to be motzi the tzibur? Originally only the first and last oleh made a bracha, what are the implications of this fact for the purposes of the bracha?

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -4

Topics include: Parshat zachor – duraita? Megilla as a kiyum in pirsumei nisa and zecher, and is mitzvat zechira a prelude to mitzvat mchiya?

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -5

Kriat hatora on yom tov as a chov in talmud tora and/or kria. Is reading a kiyum in shoalin vdorshin?

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -6

Lo titgodidu requires defining community and minhag. Tfilin on chol hamoed is presented as an example.

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -7

Shoalim vdorshin for each yom tov, what’s involved (changes over time and place). What is the mchayav of kriat hatora?

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -8

There are different mchayvim for different kriyot. One differentiation may be limud vs. pirsumei nisa.

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -9

Shabbat mincha kria was established for yoshvei kranot. Is there still a requirement to read along (qua talmud tora)? Was there a targum for the haftarot?

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -10

Barchu as a davar shebikdusha or hazmana before kriat hatora. Also covered, moving from only the first and last oleh making brachot to each oleh doing so.

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -11

Understanding the takana of every oleh making a bracha due to nichnasin and yotzin. Perhaps there’s a chiyuv on each oleh but they were originally yotzei with the first and last oleh and then it became optional for each and then required. Is the bracha for kavod hatora or limud hatora?

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -12

More on whether brichat hatora is due to kavod or talmud torah. Is it a brichat hamitzvah or hodaah? Introduction to reading blachash.

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -13

More on the nature of brichat haoleh and why we read along with the bal korei. How does shomea koneh or lachash kdibbur fit in? (ah, the old caf hadimayon question!)

Inyanei Krias HaTorah -14

Is the oleh motzi the kahal with his bracha? Does the oleh say kria blachash in order that the bracha he makes  not be lvatala? What would constitute a hefsek in the bracha?


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