Audio Roundup 2022:37

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by Joel Rich

My comment concerning a shiur which discussed eulogies:
From Your shiur it seems like the earliest sources were pretty clear that it’s for the honor of the departed and it was only later that the dual nature (also for the living)you articulated became accepted. In particular it seems strange that nobody before the gesher hachaim proposed that the Gemara was saying that it really was for both purposes.
Lulai dmistifina i’d say that the exception for great leaders was expanded because the people demanded it. I think I heard one of the participants in your class say what about the needs of the speaker to get closure. I think that’s a great example as funerals today seem often to be more about the speakers than the departed. Thoughts?

Your thoughts on the halachic appropriateness of this post which was on a community list?
A good friend had a bad fall, and was approved to get into xxxx rehab after her surgery-but needs to wait for an available bed
Does anyone have proteksia- someone who might be able to make this happen ASAP?

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