Audio Roundup Special: Rabbi Moshe Taragin

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by Joel Rich

Rabbi Moshe Taragin- Toras Ha’Geulah/Redemptive Sketches

Toras Ha’Geulah/Redemptive Sketches Part 1: Redemptive Myopia and the Inability to Appreciate Redemption


Redemption is perceived on an instinctive emotional level.

Toras Ha’Geulah/ Redemptive Sketches Part 2 : The Three Messianic Advances of the State of Israel


R Amital saw the State of Israel as a sign of progress on three redemptive tracks reflecting that: Wwe are still the Chosen people; Religion is still central to the Jewish narrative; and A massive kiddush hashem was needed after the massive chilul hashem of the holocaust.

Toras Ha’Geulah/ Redemptive Sketches #3: Thoughts About Terror Attacks on Yom Ha’atzmaut


We must deal with joy (Yom Haatzmaut) and tragedy (Elad terror) at the same time. We must realize that we are all in the same boat (chilonim, chareidim and RZ);-thanking-g-d-even-when-others-dont/

Toras Ha’Geulah/ Redemptive Sketches #4 Seeing the Hand of G-d in the Mundane; Thanking G-d Even When Others Don’t


Economic progress is part of the redemptive process. One needs to work on seeing HKBH’s hand in history and on absorbing the redemptive experience.;-not-turning-yom-haatzmaut-into-a-halachik-debate/

Toras Ha’Geulah/ Redemptive Sketches #5 Yom Ha’atzmaut & “Eternal” Israel; Not Turning Yom Ha’atzmaut Into a Halachik Debate


Yom Haatzmaut reflects message s of the founding of the state: the people (ingathering), the land (sovereignty) and the eternal role of the Jewish people. Don’t focus on the halachic issues at the cost of the meta-messages.

Toras Ha’Geulah/Redemptive Sketches #6 Dangers of “Excessive” Redemptive Fervor


R Amital believed in responsible religious Zionism – don’t be so self-assured you know everything, respect Israel’s institutions and take all world Jewry into account.


Toras Ha’Geulah/ Redemptive Sketches #7 : Is Israel Considered “Malchut Yisrael”


In the 80s some began to chip away at sovereignty (malchut yisrael) because of their belief in a greater eretz yisrael. R Amital thought this a mistake.

Toras Ha’Geulah/Redemptive Sketches #8 The Prophetic Meaning of Emigration to Israel; False Messianism


In the nineties R Amital emphasized the centrality of aliya (Russia’s gates opened) and a reasonable messianism (without the certainty that certain subgroups seemed to have).;-grounded-prophecy;-the-abnormal-normal/

Toras Ha’Geulah/Redemptive Sketches #9: The Anomaly of Jewish Nationhood; Grounded Prophecy; The Abnormal “Normal”


R Amital stressed that Israel belongs to all the Jews in the world and decisions should reflect this state (long term). He also reinforced belief in a grounded Zionism/messianism.;-we-werent-unified-enough-in-1948-to-enter-the-city-of-the-one/

Rabbi Moshe Taragin-Toras Ha’Geulah/Redemptive Sketches #10 in 1967 the World “Trembled”; We Werent “Unified” Enough in 1948 to Enter The City of The “One”


The negative reactions around the world after 1967 were no different than those when the second beit hamikdash was rebuilt. 

Why did HKBH wait till 1967 rather than return Yerushalayim to us in 1948? It’s all about unity.;-the-mesirut-nefesh-of-the-paratroopers-to-reach-the-old-city/

Rabbi Moshe Taragin-Torag Ha’Geulah/Redemptive Sketches #11: In 1967 We Stood Alone; The Mesirut Nefesh of the Paratroopers to Reach The Old City


1967 was different than 1948 in that in 1948 we had world support whereas in 1967 we were (like Avraham) alone. The mesirat that was  needed in 1967 to get to a united Jerusalem was also noteworthy.;-religious-revival;-liberating-soviet-jewry/

Rabbi Moshe Taragin-Toras Ha’Geulah/ Redemptive Sketches #12: The City of the Unexpected; Religious Revival; Liberating Soviet Jewry

Yerushalayim wasn’t even thought of in the runup to the 67 war. It showed geula can be unexpected, quick and spark a religious revival.

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