Audio Special: Agudas Yisrael Krias Hatora and Purim

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by Joel Rich


Agudah-Iyunim Bhilchos Krias HaTorah 2022


Is kriat hatora from a pasul sefer tora a problem? The Rambam seems to think it’s OK so we can rely on him bidieved – meaning that when you discover an error you still get credit for the kria up to that point. Specific applications discussed including where to stop and what brachot need to be made.

HaRav Asher Weiss 2/27/2022-YISOID OF KRIAS HATORAH

Is kriat hatora a chovat hatzibur or yachid? Proofs both ways but either way, if you are there, you should focus on the kria. In a pinch you can assume it’s chovat hatzibur. 

Corona question – can you read at night if there’s a lockdown the next day? Does Zoom work?

HaRav Meir Tzvi Spitzer 3/3/2022-STANDING DURING KRIAS HATORAH

There are a number of halachic instances where standing is required but it may be required for different reasons (e.g. kavod). How do the reasons inform on leaning in various halachic applications.

HaRav Asher Weiss 3/6/2022-קריאת פרשת זכור

What is the scope of zchirat amaleik and what is the relationship between zchirat amaleik and mchiyat amaleik? How does that inform on a woman’s obligation to hear parshat zachor?

HaRav Shraga Kallus 3/9/2022-הלכות עליה לתורה

Is the function of the oleh to be yotzei the tzibbur in kria and/or the bracha? If he is our shaliach, must he be able to see and read with proper intent? There are a number of implications for who can get an aliya.


Also covered – specifics of brachot making and proper actions of the oleh in getting his aliya.

HaRav Chaim Mordechai Ausband 3/10/2022-אדר שני ופרשת זכור

Does coming to the city for parshat zachor have to do with needing a minyan on a duraita level? Is it about kria or shmia? How does a need for a tzibur fit in?


Iyunim Hilchos Purim 2022

HaRav Asher Weiss 3/13/2022-מצות היום דפורים

Some think there’s a difference of opinion as to the reason for the mitzva of mishloach manot (have what to eat vs encouraging comradeship). R Weiss believes that mishloach manot and matanot levyonim are two sides of the same coin of simchat purim.

HaRav Shlomo Gottesman 3/15/2022-תענית אסתר

The original tanit esther required its own hachraza (announcement). Why was the day chosen which wasn’t that of the original fast? (Interesting take on Achashveirosh’s motives). Tzedaka and tzom are important issues. What is the essential nature of taanit esther? It will never be batel due to its connections to Purim even though it is more kal than other fasts.

HaRav Moshe Scheinerman & HaRav Avrohom Schorr (Audio) 3/16/2022-פורים בהלכה ובאגדה

The megila never being batel may have implications for its writing requirements.


Purim should not be a day of competition.


R Shrira Gaon used a medrash re: Ezra’s Torah to explain why Achashberosh didn’t know that Haman had ordered the Jews to be killed and how we should realize that HKBH can do all.

HaRav Lipa Geldwirth 3/17/2022-Inyanei Purim

Purim mussar on how we are different.

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