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From an email list: in fact, a certain contemporary Torah Sage recently commented that Sepharadim were spared the persecutions suffered by European Jewry because of their adherence to this custom of reading Shir Ha’shirim every Friday night. It is incumbent upon us to follow this cherished custom, and we will then be worthy of receiving the special sanctity and blessings associated with this precious text.


From R’ Safran:
Is it any wonder then that those who request that no eulogies be delivered after their passing are looked upon kindly. By making that choice, they may very well be doing their rabbi and themselves a great favor.
Me- Common practice (or why not)?

Ari Wasserman,Rabbi Anthony Manning,Rabbi Zevulun Schwartzman,Mrs. “Beatie” Deutsch,Rabbi Dr. Jeremy Wieder-3/12/22 – Shiur 363 – Does Tznius apply to men as well? Can a man wear skin-tight pants and bicycle clothing?

Repeat after me 100 times! – Tzniut is all about elements of life, not simply a micro-halachic dress code.

Rabbi Asher Weiss-Parshas Zachor – L’Illuy Nishmas Dovid Ben Menachem Munish z”l (David Grossman) on the occasion of his 5th Yahrtzheit.

How are we yotzei the mitzvot of zchirat and michiyat amaleik? Are women chayav in either or both?

Rabbi Shraga Kallus-Kollel Wives

Kollel wives are full partners in the most important effort in the universe.


Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz-Ten Minute Halacha – Is it Permissible to Quit Daf Yomi?

Is taking on daf yomi equivalent to taking a neder? What type of neder would it be?

Rabbi Itamar Rosensweig-כפיה בצדקה: חובת הגברא ושעבוד נכסים

More on whether tzedaka is a voluntary individual gift or a communal obligation? Can bet din force an individual to give, and if so, must the bet din do so? Is it the ani’s right to receive tzedakah?

Rabbi Michael Rosensweig-Hashkafa Shiur – פרקי אבות פרק ב’ 3

Individual decision making must factor in both one’s individual priorities as well as the needs of the collective klal yisrael.

Rabbi Dr. David Shabtai-Medical Halakhah Chaburah: Selling Organs (Part 1)

Does intention define the act of saving as a mitzvah or is it simply the result? (R MF vs. R SZA on asking a frum or non frum doctor for Shabbat refua)

Rabbi Dr. Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff-The Crucial Difference Between the 1920s and the 1940s as to the Nature of the Torah Community in America and How This Impacted on Satmar’s Influence on the Jews of Williamsburg and Elsewhere. Agudath Israel’s Summer Camp and the Satmar Attack on it.

Brooklyn frumkeit changed a lot over the years!

Rabbi Jeremy Wieder-KJ’s Dr. William Major Memorial Advanced Shiur in Talmud with Rabbi Dr. Jeremy Wieder


Classic gemara discussing proper time for mincha and maariv followed by davening etiquette when in your rebbi’s proximity.  Does maariv turn it into the next day?

Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz-Ten Minute Halacha – Ein B’Din Sheyavo Hamekatzer Eitzel Ha’maarich

Examples in halacha where metals used in weapons preclude its use in other ritual areas.

Rabbi Shay Schachter-Crisis in Ukraine: Megilas Esther & Appreciating God’s Channels of Communication

All the tragedies that have occurred recently are a message from HKBH, who takes everything into account.

Rabbi Shaya Katz-Legends & Lessons: The Aruch Hashulchan

Biography of the Aruch HaShulchan and what made him unique (summarization method; scope of work?)

Rabbi Shay Schachter-“Rabbis & Responsa”: Is a Minyan Required for Parshas Zachor?

Does parshat zachor require a minyan (generally – yes, me-Rambam, no?) Includes other insights to the requirement of zachor (me-Rambam-daily?)



Hallel hamitzri is about HKBH’s miracles that we perceive, whereas hallel in psukei dzimra is about those that occur unnoticed through nature.  Reading the megillah is both a mitzva in itself as well as a hallel.  Kadosh represents HKBH behind the scenes.

Rav Asher Weiss-זכירת מעשה עמלק

Reading of parshat zachor on Shabbat probably isn’t duraita and most poskim say women aren’t chayav.  One should have kavana for both the bracha and the megilla.

Rabbi Dovid Miller-Purim- Halachot and Minhagim

Hilchot Purim including: parshat zachor, taanit esther, machzit hashekel, mishloach manot, matanot levyonim and kriat hamegila.

Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Schwartz-Jewish Responses to Tragedy: Ukraine Edition Pt. 2 Kabbalaists & Messianism

Reactions to Chelmnytsky II – Shabtai Tsvi and the Frankists used kabala inappropriately.  Who should use kabala?

Idan Rakovsky-Basic Introduction to Jewish Philosophy: 5) Pre-Shoah Jewish Thought

Post Holocaust philosophy (Jewish and non) moved to focus on the individual (R Kook, R YBS, V Frankel). WWII made people feel there was no objective truth (look where that’s got us!)

Rabbi Itamar Rosensweig-צדקה כממון עניים

Leket and shicha seem like an ani’s right, tzedeka may be or may not.  Maybe we say gadol hamaseh because he causes the ani to get what is his proper zchut.

Rabbi Uri Orlian-History & Halacha of the Christian Cross

Is a cross considered avodat zara? A number of the texts of rishonim have been censored so one must dig to get their real opinions.  Is an etching of a cross as a decoration a problem? What if the non-Jews kiss it? Is bowing in the cross’s vicinity an issue? Should one do naanuim in the shape of a cross?

Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman-Tzedakah and Misrepresentation


Why is there a bracha on tzedakah?

If you steal to give to tzedakah, you’re missing the fundamental understand of HKBH’s partnership with us.


Announcing contributions greater than those actually received could be an issue of gneivat daat, showing off and/or a neder.

Rabbi Hershel Schachter-Parshas Vayikra

Parsha thoughts including but not limited to: kodshei kodshim, kodshei kalim, allowing “imitation” mitzvot (e.g. women simchat korban), avoda issues, levels of kedusha (including cohain gadol), kri vs. ktiv, oleh vyoreid plus other korbanot, and contemporary status as Amalek (and reparations).

Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz-“Chag” HaPurim? Expansive Judaism

Is Purim technically a chag?  Eleven possible nafka minas provided (me-when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail).


When we rid the world of Amalek, there will be an explosion of Torah.,-the-pandemic,-and-the-jewish-community-panel/

Rabbi Chaim Metzger-Drug Abuse, the Pandemic, and the Jewish Community Panel

Addiction is a big-time problem in our community, especially Purim time.  The most common cause is looking to fill a void and claims of spirituality are usually bogus.


How should individuals and communities handle it? With sensitivity and role modeling (me-Halevai)

Rabbi Itamar Rosensweig-זכות וקיום מצד הנותן בצדקה

Why are there aniyim? Why doesn’t HKBH take care of them? Is giving about the giver flexing his tzedakah muscles or about the consequences of giving?

Rabbi Uri Orlian-The Ideal Way to Fulfill Matanos L’evyonim


May one fulfil the mitzva of matanot levyonim with mishloach manos (maybe a machloket Yerushalmi and Bavli)? Is matanot levyonim tzedakah or something else? Would giver’s intent play a role?

Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz-Ten Minute Halacha – May A Woman Recite Sheva Berachos?


Is the need for a minyan for sheva brachot due to it being a davar shebikdusha, kavod or zimun? The answer may determine whether a woman can say one. Even if they can, R HS suggests a man not be involved (me for meta-reasons),-determinism,-the-tree-of-knowledg-and-the-limits-of-rationality/

Rabbi Sammy Bergman-A Maimonidean Purim: Drunkenness, Determinism, the Tree of Knowledg And The Limits Of Rationality

Free will may be suspended for an individual if HKBH needs to assure a national result.


Our ultimate goal is to have no free will, just to do the ratzon hashem.

Rabbi Uri Orlian-Analyzing Rumors & How Do We Deal with a Kohein Who Married a Divorcee


Discussion of: miyun situations, rumors of a get, and how to deal with a Cohain who marries a grusha (not well).

Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz-Great Rebbeim and Great Talmidim: The Alter of Slobodka and The American Yeshiva World

Most of the heads of US Yeshivot (excluding RIETS) in the mid 20th century were influenced by the Alter’s mussar (Apparently the ends justify the means).  Details provided.

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