Audio Roundup Special: Agudah Midwest Convention

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by Joel Rich

Reigniting a Passion For Yiddishkeit

We need to get chizuk from tfila and from all we do to combat the yetzer hara.  We need to share our enthusiasm with all those around us, have a vision, and make learning central to your existence.

Friday Morning Keynote: Survive: Staying Sane in an Insane World

Torah defines our “sanity” and we need to stand strong against outside influences which are driven by selfish desires.  Remember galut is not home and the Jewish home is the key to our survival/destiny.

Keynote Session – The Grit and the Glory of Our Nation – R Henoch Plotnik

HKBH grants special cochot when one gets involved in communal efforts.  Especially in complex times, we need horaah from the gedolim.

Sugyos B’Daf Yomi : Rabbi Tzvi Basch

Is there a difference between the chiyuv of men and women in mikra megila?  Being noseih bol chaaveiro is a very important mida.

Pre Keynote Session – Life Lessons From the Last 2 Years – R Yisroel Menachem Levin

The gevura of klal yisrael was on display during the pandemic.

Thriving Marriages- Merging Parallel Lives

The gedolim provide excellent role models of marriages (e.g. R’ SZA)  A number of tips provided (e.g. realizing the important of sholom bayit)

Rabbi Yitzchok Ehrman and Tribute at Motzai Shabbos Keynote

Always nice to get a pat on the back before going out the door.

Motzai Shabbos Keynote: Rabbi Yaakov Robinson

Chizuk for the convention.

Motzai Shabbos Keynote: Rabbi Yehuda Levin

This is a convention of energy.  Aguda has many “achievements” in the workplace, fundraising, shabbat observance, chiddush and chizuk.

Motzai Shabbos Keynote: Siyum 

We should be as segregated as possible while keeping the peace.

Rabbi Dovid Dunner-Agudah Midwest Convention: Motzai Shabbos Keynote

Build off the convention for chizuk in all areas, especially tfila.

Rabbi Elya Brudny- Motzai Shabbos Keynote

More chizuk for the convention 

Rabbinic Authority and Rabbinic Connection 


Your rav provides support for your going in the right direction, without a rav you won’t grow properly.  Emunat chachamim works based on our emuna in our chachamim.

We All Keep Kosher, Right

Keeping up with the Cohen’s simcha gashmiut results in bad middot. Hashkafically our goals in smachot should be thanking HKBH and being better Jews.  There are a lot of problems with party planners and private chefs where people make faulty associations with Rabbis/organizations and conclude it must be OK.  There’s a lot of ignorance of basic kashrut rules amongst the laity.

Unmasking Achdus

Having friends and being a friend is important.  One is fortunate to have a deep friend but making time for parallel play friendships is important too.

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