Audio Roundup Special: Shiurim of Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst

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by Joel Rich

Shiurim of Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst

Seudah for Bar/Bas Mitzvah, Birthdays
        How should a bar (or bat) mitzvah be celebrated and must it be “bo bayom”?  a number of approaches discussed.
        Birthday celebrations?  There are a range of opinions (ignore, introspect, give a drasha) especially for landmark ones.
        [Interesting side point.  If a non ben brit (NBB) reaches gadlut by daat (not age 13), if a twelve year old NBB who has daat converts, does he lose gadlut?  R’SF says yes but I wonder, isn’t that a case of going to a kedusha kala?]
Kashrus and Timtum Halev
        Having non-bnai brit domestic help when the homeowners will be away for more than a few minutes is not a good idea!  Is there an exception from timtum haleiv in cases of shogeig or ones? (maybe not).
        R’Moshe’s kashrut positions on: Cooking three day liver after broiling; Hachzara; and Eating at non-observant parents.
        R’Moshe on dishwashers [koshering, using for dairy and meat, Pesach, porcelain status (% really porcelain?)]; Waiting between milk and meat (how long/for whom); Salt on chicken as a sign of kashrut; Bishul akum (Potatoes; Oleh al shulchan mlachim; Distant companies; and Pilot lights.
Halachos of Birchas Hatorah and Making a Choice Between Paying for a D’var Mitzvah or Receiving it as a Gift (arba minim, grandfather’s tefilin, etc.)  
        Importance of birchat hatorah and saying them first thing (but there are exceptions).  Transition into Chashukei Chemed tshuva (I did a shiur on this a few months back) on spending money on mitzva objects vs. using emotionally charged ones.
Halachos of Osaik B’mitzvah Potur Min Hamitzva
        Haosek bmitzvah is a well-known concept; discussion here of where it does and doesn’t apply, and when it’s required vs. voluntary.
Ask the Posek   Part 1
        Non ben brit father/sandak (no); Work without kipah (yes, but); Remodeling during 9 days (OK to continue); Take challah from non-ben brit co. dough (no); Three week car buying (if needed); Aveil’s wife attending siyum (yes); Neutering (generally no); Parsha sheets (double bag); CD’s with Torah (can trash); Raisin bran (mezonot); Three weeks music (OK to stay awake); Feeding tube/water for meds (no bracha); Intravenous for Yom Kippur (Yesh vyesh); Warming drawer Shabbat opening (if lo neicha or running); Combination old/new testament disposal (yes); Moving leichter/Shabbat (put valuable on before); Showing any hair (bdieved but); Rental home mezuzah (generally 30 days); Baby monitors on Shabbat (OK); Kallah purchases three weeks (if needed); Non-ben brit sitter (avoid if long period—kashrut); Tuna cans can be borer  (don’t use can top to get liquid out); and candle lighting (where eat) unless will benefit at home.
Ask the Posek   Part 2
        Shiva for cremated parent (no, unless tinok shenishba); Learning tanach at night (OK); Sealing house windows (R’Yehuda Hachasid); Earplugs on Shabbat (avoid wax); Maaser money for parents’ benefit (avoid); Maaser money for tuition (extensive discussion); Coloring hair for work (OK); Cat euthanasia (OK—not tzaar??); and Buying treif for corporate use (usually an issue); High door mezuzah (shoulder height); Ice maker on Shabbat (use nochri); In hospital for observation (ein bo sakana); Buying non-kosher for parent (msayea, but); Give food to one who won’t make bracha(problem); Shaking hands at a job interview (avoid, but); Peeler on Shabbat (three shitot); Mezuzah—when and how; Two shadchan case who pays?; and Washing after a blood test (can’t hurt).
Ask the Posek   Part 3
        Can one carry tallit into an airport bathroom (OK, if so not stolen); Aluminum pans (one time pass on tvila); Cleaning lady (pass on moving bottle of eino mvushal); Shatz with different nusach tfila (use kahals); First yahrtzeit date (kvura or mita?); Shul zmanim conflict with your practice (number of implications); Rental home mezuzah (30 days but better sooner); Status of fish cooked in meat pot (and pot too—OK); “Accidentally” purchased treif products (OK to sell—but right away); Crock pot purchases (IMHO the mtziut needs clarification); Isha forgot to light when staying at friends (knas!); Shidduch info (be honest); Changing names to satisfy R’Yehuda Hachased (yes); Toveil oven racks (no); Don’t cut down trees; Use diapers with Velcro; and remember—baby wipes are assur duraita.
Ask the Posek   Part 4
        Mezuzah take down rules upon moving (sale to Jew vs. Non-Jew) but it’s best to put it in contract; No kiddush levana prior to tzeit; Kashering an oversize pot (2 methods); How to count 11 months for kaddish; Status of twelfth month for amud and for kaddish [for non-parent]; Tfillin rtzuot issues (peeling paint; using recycled rtzuot); Reform wedding (better not to be a kosher eid due to future implications); Bracha on office mezuzah (yes, if you spend half the night there); Don’t pressure for repayment if a person has no money; Lo tilbash applications (sounds like toupees are an issue unless you’re bald); Burying non-shomer Shabbat in frum cemetery (no); and Cremation (only put up a fight if there’s a chance you’ll win).
Ask the Posek   Part 5
        Shadchanut issues; Bar metzra (only if contiguous and for expansion); Shechiyanu (buying expensive new fruit required?); Salad making on Shabbat (don’t ever chop finely); Shabbat tutoring payment (havla); Lending to company heter iska (not needed); Stock ownership (no control = no Shabbat, etc., issues); Wearing gloves w/o eruv (OK if great need); Baby naming “healthy” preemies (brit, regular minhag for girls); Hospital elevators on Shabbat (no); Cleaning help on Shabbat (OK if they come then for own reasons); Tvila on used bottles and/or aluminum pans (depends on purchaser’s original intent); Crock pots (without inserts is better, but all OK); Giving challah to someone who will heat it on Shabbat (OK but); Employee asked to give gifts on avoda zara day (avoid); and Havdala in hospital (save the candle part till later).
Ask the Posek   Part 6
        There’s no tzoveah in a self-contained multi-liquid container; Bracha on new born can be made well after birth; No bishul akum in reheating; Overnight peeled eggs and onions (big problem but not if sliced or commercial); Sheitel from own hair (OK); Diabetes/fertility shots on Shabbat (OK, non-ben brit better); Chaplain certifying questionable religious affiliation (OK); Inherited share of non-shomer Shabbat properties (need shtar Shabbat); Sunday wedding—need to say Shabbat sheva brachot before shkia; Took out shel rosh first (work around); Frozen challah on Shabbat (avoid borer); Highway yichud (R’MF vs. R’SZA); Mezuzot removal on moving (workarounds); Tfilat haderech said only once on a long trip; and Whipped cream aerosol—OK, on Shabbat (since it reverts).
Hilchos Tzedka Part 1
        Minimum tzedaka is 1/3 shekel per annum.  Maximum is 20% but there are a ton of exceptions to the maximum.  Who is eligible—those in need as defined here.  What if more was collected than needed (it depends on circumstances).  Cases of isha giving, giving to non-ben brit also discussed.
Hilchos Tzedka Part 2
        Which “income” is, or isn’t, subject to maser.  Discussion includes gifts, inheritances, gross/net business profits, unrealized gains and much more.
Hilchos Tzedka Part 3
        Maaser ksafim should go to the poor and to support learning but you can make a tnai to give for other purposes (but at least half should go to learning).  Other priorities and applications include sefarim, aliyot, mikveh, endowment funds and relatives.  How are raffles and dinners handled?  Does maser apply to time as well?  Can you save for future use?
Hezek R’ia today
        Why don’t the seemingly straightforward rules of hezek riah seem to be applied today?  Is there a din of hezek shmia?  Is there a right to privacy from picture takers?
Hilchos Tzedka Part 4
        Tracing which fees (and what percentage of them) are payable from maser money starting from elementary school through kollel (any chiyuv is not payable).  Interesting discussion of appropriate school scholarship policies.
The Status of Garbage and Garbage Cans on Shabbos and Yom Tov; Twistties; and Yom HaMeyuchas
        Garbage is generally muktzeh which causes all kinds of issues which IMHO many are unaware of. These are both in the house, taking it out, and especially bringing it in.
Interesting Teshuvos from Gedolai Yisroel part 1
        1.) Kiruv per head bounty payable whether students stay in Yeshiva or not (maybe)  2.) Shabbat tape recorded pledges are invalid 3.) Kosher pizza shop to fill an inadvertent order with veggie sausage (OK) 4.) Report treif being brought into kosher butcher right away, don’t investigate for other possible deliveries.
Interesting Teshuvos from Gedolai Yisroel part 2
        1.) Unauthorized jammer of cellphones liable bdei shamayim for losses caused.  2.) Poor person became rich—liability for prior transactions  3.) Mezuzah to non-ben brit (avoid) 4.) Who has ownership of “right” to tzedaka (catering and prior commitment cases).
Interesting Teshuvos from HaRav Shteinman ZT”L:
        1.) It’s OK to name a beit medrash after a dog  2.) A non-shomer Shabbat is likely still chayav in havdala (how deal with it?)  3.) Have HKBH as a partner (and mean it) 4.) Being mvater is a great sgula for a shidduch  5.) Tzadik gozer stories  6.) Only be jealous of accomplishments in learning.
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 1
        1.) Left car running and kid drove and did damage- whose liability? ( depends on age of kid)
        2.) Don’t lead student council if some aveirot will be done
        3.) Working at McDonald’s (basar vchalav, general optics)
        4.) Cheats should pay even if you were mochel them.
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 2
        1.) Follow through with adoption even though became pregnant (yes)
        2.) Tzedaka given for avoiding problem (still give even if problem disappears)
        3.) Purchased apartment and then found noisy neighbor (mekach taut?)
        4.) Broken shidduch—can you soften with lashon hara about breaker? (no)
        5.) Does same day payment apply for barter/services (sort of)
        6.) Can a wife steal from husband to pay for food he stole from employer (yes)
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 3
        1.) Cancelling the band the night before a simcha (define schar batala)
        2.) debt definition to one who caused you to become frum by his bad behavior  3.)  Lashon hara to make someone feel better about broken shidduch
        4.) Ask before you act on your intuition that your friend stole something.

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