Audio Roundup Special: Shiurim of Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst 2

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by Joel Rich

Shiurim of Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst

Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 4
        Topics include selling cigarettes to someone who says they will smoke on Shabbat (OK, if legally required) and keeping your word on a pledge.
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 5
        Renter ruined two tiles but no matching ones are available (only pay for two); Making marks while walking when you want them on Shabbat (like in snow); Taxi driver cheated on meter—how do tshuva?  (tzarchei rabbim—HKBH will make sure it gets to right place); and Completely treif restaurant—OK to use bathroom/buy sealed drink (but not if a not clearly treif restaurant).
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 6
        Making brit in PM so people can attend (depends who); Service line ethics (appointments, asking someone to transact for you, whose discretion?); I’m glad R’Fuerst also doesn’t understand why Horiyot priorities are ignored today [maybe they are just for saving and tzedaka? (me – why?)]; and saving seats (OK if not choveil others).
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 7
        Hashavat aveida—who is responsible for delivery? (finder notifies owner); Cancelled band (already discussed); Band won’t play w/o mechitza but “forced” to play for free to get it (no future payment due even if host does tshuva); and One damaged a stolen car being used to rob him (no liability).
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 8
        Deposited lottery check/made reservations/then told lottery winning notice was in error (and owed penalty fee to cancel) but bracha of hatov vhameitiv not lvatala; Reward to thief who caught other thief in act (OK); Taking flowers from grave (gzeila); and Broke glasses throwing candy at aufruf (no liability).
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 10
        Found whiskey in pocket on Pesach (Burn and pay purchaser or just put away [else gezel]; Used an unused neighbors’ sukkah built for rental (pay small amount); Pet store’s poison snake bit someone and cured his cancer (machloket if snake owner owes damages); and Poor person lived in donated motel space (no liability if later gets rich).
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 9
        Taxi driver stole a fare, the other driver must still give him a jump start; It’s OK to put up a beware of dog sign even if you don’t have a dog; You can promise long life in return for tzedaka, even to someone not invested lsheim shamayim; and You must warn a seller of false antiques, that his buyer is using counterfeit money.
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 11
        Found diary of deceased with lashon hara in purchased house (don’t return); Kiruv issues (including Shabbat invitations, encouraging lesser violations, student leadership positions, Marking yahrtzeits on secular calendar [all no!]); and breaking long-term employment contracts (we’re not slaves).
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 13
        Non halachic inheritor signed agreement to give up her share in order to build shul, her husband demurred (brothers should accept and give her back her share); Attend Shiurim in person if 30 min or less travel time; and Alzheimer’s related issues (saying amen to multiple brachot (OK), accepting multiple tzedaka pledges [nope]).
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 12
        Mchilla (and hefker) btaut is generally reversible but not if the beneficiary had expertise to know better; Try very hard to be dan lkaf zchut; Frum legislator can abstain on anti Torah legislation; Public Shabbat violator (soccer player) must be bounced from yeshiva (more leeway in private); and Reversibility of payments (or commitments) made under situational duress.
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 15
        Selling sandakut for tisha bav (which was nidcheh) for profit and chesed (OK); Misleading Alzheimer’s patient for their own good (OK); R’ Chaim Kanievsky and others on segulot for children; and Minimizing Shabbat violation when one must be taken to the hospital.
Questions from the weekly conference call with Midwest Rabbonim (Part 1):
        Shiluach hakan details; Women saying Kaddish (not advised but don’t stop them [WADR R’Moshe mentions that this practice had a long history in Europe]; Cutting down fruit trees (don’t unless clear and present danger); Kiddush before Shkia made for those in nursing home, then go home (OK but); Koshering grills/ovens issues; Physical therapist/nurse issues (touching opposite sex, vasectomy) [workarounds available]); Birchat hagomeil on leaving jail [or pidyon shvuyim for one in jail] (white collar jail no, blue collar yes);  Withhold last month rent vs. security deposit (OK); Keep book/stamp sent by tzedaka (OK – perhaps offer to return and hold for a bit); and Maaser ksafim issues (Shaveh kesef, gift certificates, who is patur . . .)
Questions from the weekly conference call with Midwest Rabbonim (Part 2):
        How much flour must bread have to be pot?; Must you have pot Shabbat (yes, unless health reasons); Corporations and ribit (not really); Pot Yisrael on Shabbat (try); Two brothers living in  living in same city (don’t ask  usually OK); Pregnant women going to cemetery or zoo (OK, but minhagim); Yichud issues with non-ben brit couple (avoid); R’Moshe two fingers of uncovered hair (bdieved); Hatzala recall on Shabbat (no); Yichud/ Baalah bair/video (limited application); Late coming aveil replacing shatz (OK generally); Shatz says yhei shmei out loud after kahal; Close friend sheva brachot during shloshim on Shabbat (OK); Switching seats on Shabbat during aveilut (no); Name clarifications; Leave during kriat hatora rather than chazarat hashatz; Shabbat cockroach disposal (OK); Shomer during sheva brachot (mitzvah protects both); Tzibbur missed shacharit kriah (lein at mincha bdieved); and Eating by mincha ketana (OK if regular mincha attendee).
Issur of Hachana part 1
        Introduction to hachana issues including; Shabbat to Shabbat (no); Yom Tov to Shabbat (OK, especially with eruv tavshilin); Dishwasher load (sounds better not); Avoid tarnish (OK); Chulent pot (put in sink then wash your hands haarama); and Shalosh seudot (tricky).  Intent is an important issue and simply returning something to its normal place is usually OK (unless big tircha).
Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 14
        Mishaneh mpnei hashalom; Bottle opening on Shabbat (if you don’t, don’t ask other); Allow others to be mishtatef to mitzvot; and how much of a mental commitment to giving tzedaka is needed to require giving?
Issur of Hachana part 2
        More on things normally put away even during the week—clothes, sfarim . . . (anything not a major tircha, dishes are generally major); Can you say vten tal 90 times on yom tov or is it hachana (general debate about the status of dibbur); and Naps (b”h—generally OK!)
Issur of Hachana part 3
        Preparing for yom tov on yom tov; when is harama allowed (how early in the day); and Can you study for a limudei kodesh test (yes) or a limudei chol one (less so) [make sure it’s never obvious].
Issur of Hachana part 4
        Primary focus on a amira lakum concerning hachana—is it like any other drabanan or different because no real mlacha is involved?  Also discussed—akum doing adatei dnafshei and exam studying.
The Use of DNA in Testimony.
        Talmudic sources on when riah is needed vs. yedia.  Generally DNA evidence will be accepted for everything (e.g., aguna, yerusha) outside of mamzeirut (where we have a tradition of leniency).
Hilchos Tisha B’Av 5753 and Halachos of Visiting the Kosel Part 1
        Being yotzeih when reading the wrong haftarah (perhaps OK if similar topic); Why is tish bav am different than pm? (eitzim vavanim and only for minhagim); Tearing on arei Yehuda; Jerusalem and mikdash (lots of detail).
Halachos of Visiting the Kosel Part 2
        Do Jerusalemites tear if they were at kotel for 30 days?  Tearing workarounds might exist but should you avoid mitzvot?  Don’t go up on har habayit.
Changing Minhagim
        R’Moshe saw marriage as a change of community vis-à-vis minhagim, R’SZA saw it as a matter of baalut.  One difference—can the husband be mocheil the wife to continue her minhagim?
Makom Kavuah
        Makom kavua is important and you should have one in each shul you daven in.  It’s not as important as being a mensch.  Sefer Hachinuch on vahavta et hager applying to all strangers).
Bal Talin 
        Case studies in bal talin including, but not limited to: Is delivery required?; Partial work; Package deals: Schools and more.
End of Life Shilos
        R’MF’s last tshuva on brain death was forged!  Heart transplant (donations) are not good for many reasons.  Can one receive a transplant?  (Eretz Yisrael vs. Chul?)
End of Life Issues
        Issues include: Defining gosses (especially given modern medicine); Heter to hold the hand of a gosses; Not stopping efforts for a gosses who is aware; Yissurin can be good for you; Brain death; What life support efforts can or can’t be stopped; Chayei Shaa; Taking chances with medical procedures; Disconnecting or reattaching ventilators; Dissuading false hope medical alternatives; and Remembering that each moment of life is precious.

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