Audio Roundup 2021:42

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by Joel Rich

I was looking at ger katan and thinking that he must be patur from 7 mitzvot for, if not, conversion to Judaism would be a case of going to kedusha kala if chayav as a ben noach but not as a jew. Thoughts?

I always wondered what titanu (you let us wander) was doing at the end of the al cheits. Are we blaming HKB”H for our freely made decisions? When learning Rambam’s hilchot tshuva, it occurs to me saying that he can’t make us do the right thing, but he can answer our prayer to help us identify the right path for us to go through with our own free will.

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About Joel Rich

Joel Rich is a frequent wannabee cyberspace lecturer on various Torah topics. A Yerushalmi formerly temporarily living in West Orange, NJ, his former employer and the Social Security administration support his Torah listening habits. He is a recovering consulting actuary.

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