Audio Roundup 2021:18

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by Joel Rich

This makes a lot more sense than what I was taught (that the Karaites had no mesorah):
“There are, however, other ordinances in the observance of which we have been raised since the days of our fathers, and their fathers before them, and which are a matter of custom with us, which are not recorded in the Torah but have become as second nature; . . . (Karaite) tradition, however, is not like the tradition in which the Rabbanites believe, since they add to and subtract from Scripture and say that tradition overcomes (the biblical text). . . .(Karaite) tradition, on the other hand, is what is acknowledged by all Israel, and it does not go against that which is recorded in the Writ of divine truth; and our scholars have said that every tradition which does not go against Scripture, does not add to what is stated in Scripture, is acknowledged by all Israel, and has (indirect) support in Scripture, is to be called (genuine) tradition, and we must accept it.”

From a Hamodia interview – to me speaks volumes that the quote could not be made bsheim omro: I spoke with the head of a major chinuch organization in Boro Park, who explained to me: “Do you think we were kalei daas — lightheaded — about the inyan of pikuach nefesh? We understood exactly what we were dealing with and decided that the possible downside of not living life normally far outweighed opening up.” (Me-I don’t recall being asked about the downside for me of your doing that?)

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