Audio Roundup 2021:13

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by Joel Rich

While Trachtenberg also got to vaccinate some pop-culture celebrities he managed to take some selfies with them, but he didn’t take any with the Admorim. “I didn’t take selfies with the Admorim because that is not respectful,” Trachtenberg added that the Admorim get vaccinated in a separate room in order to protect their privacy. Me- Right to privacy vs. impacting others?

My comment:
Well said. Humility seems in short supply in many of our host cultures as well but that’s not our issue. IMHO the key issue is “As I have repeatedly said, our ability to criticize ourselves is not a sign of weakness or feeling of inferiority” . In my professional career I noticed that the less self-esteem/clarity of vision one had, the more likely they were to see [constructive] criticism as a personal attack/sign of inferiority. The more self-esteem/clarity of vision one had, the more likely they were to seek out the highest level criticism to allow them to be the optimum professional they could be. As we say in the veldt – the stu shtel is clear (and not just for the chareidi community)

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