Audio Roundup Special: Bein HaZmanim – Hilchos Brachos+Hadlakas Neiros

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by Joel Rich

ברכת הריח-1
        How parallel are the birchat hareach to the birchat hanehenin and why are they a separate category?  Our basic understanding of the reasons will explain whether we say yatza/motzi, say a make-up bracha after smelling them and what we do in case of doubt.
ברכת הריח-2
        More on whether birchat hareach is a bracha of shevach or hanaah.  This might also make a difference as to whether you need some of the source material there to make a bracha and whether you could make a shehakol on reach.
ברכת הריח-3
        Total or partial loss of sense of smell—cam you still make birchat hareach?  It might depend on whether it’s a physical or spiritual uplift or on the hanaah/shevach chakira.
ברכת הגומל-1
        Sounds like there was an unrecorded shiur previous to this one.  Sfardi and Ashkenazi psak differ on whether gomel cases are limited to the four categories mentioned in the Talmud and on the triggers.  What is the practical psak for tunnels?
ברכת הגומל-2
        Completes the topic of saying hagomel on tunnel travel and moves on to airplane travel.
ברכת הגומל-3
        Finishing up airplane travel.  Why would we differentiate between international and domestic travel?
ברכת הרעמים-1
        Stormy weather is very unsettled and so are the positions on under which circumstances to make which bracha (oseh maaseh vs. kocho ugvurato w or w/o sheim) and when.
ברכת הרעמים-2
        Recap of the “which brachot and when” issues.  Is the bracha on the original creation or each new event (re-creation)?  Toch kdei dibbur and timing issues analyzed as well.
ברכת הרעמים-3
        Practical thunder and lightning questions.  Then on to which rivers/oceans to make a bracha on (includes summary and practical halacha).
ברכת שהחיינו
        Is shechiyanu a birchat hanehenin or shevach?  Is it triggered by sight, seasonality, taste . . .  ?
הדלקת נירות-1
        What is the mechayeiv of  Shabbat candles? Kavod, oneg or shalom bayit?  Includes a Brisker analysis of a seeming contradiction in Rambam plus the beginning of an analysis of possible nafka minas.
הדלקת נירות-2
        Nafka minas based on the mechayeiv debate: Second day yom tov; Lighting early; Moving/relighting; Tosefet or; Where in the home to light; Not eating/sleeping at home; and Hotels.
הדלקת נירות-3
        What’s the status of electric lights for purposes of hadlakat neirot and havdalah?  Perhaps we still require candles due to the lack of surety that electricity will continue to flow, or kavod Shabbat, or to continue established practice.  Begins a history of how to view electricity on Shabbat.
Forgetting To Light
        In depth review of how electricity is viewed on Shabbat and Yom Tov (Beit Yitzchak, R’Tzvi Pesach Frank et al. ) What about for borei meorei haish?
        Briefly covered—makeups for forgotten Shabbat candle lighting.

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