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by Joel Rich

Agudas Yisrael- Iyunim BHilchos Shabbos-summer 2020

HaRav Lipa Geldwerth-דברי חיזוק
        We live in challenging times and our response should be more msirat nefesh for torah.
HaRav Yosef Kushner-מסחרבשבת – הלכהלמעשה
        A “Jewish business” operating on Shabbat employing non-bnai brit is a big problem.  The question is who are they really working for (who is running it, not who is financing it)?  “Selling” the business often doesn’t work (it’s an issur gavra not cheftza) and there’s also an issue of maarit ayin.
HaRav Avrohom Bromberg-יסודדיןדברשאיןמתכוין
        Understanding eino mitkavein and psik reisha regarding Shabbat and/or kol hatorah kula through the eyes of R’Shimon and R’Yehuda.
HaRav Moshe Rotberg-יסוד דין דבר שאין מתכוין
        Which is preferable – amira lakum or shinui maaseh?  Hatzalah applications discussed.
HaRav Asher Weiss-הקדמה לפסיק רישא
        What is the nature of eino mtkavein throughout the Torah?  Is it a definition based on a more basic one of maaseh adam which itself requires intent?
        What is the nature of psik reisha?  Is it that we assume (anan sahadei) that there was actually intent or that act A = act B (or Act A is inextricably  linked to act B)?
        Second half is a beautiful tribute to the Klausenberger Rebbi.
HaRav Nisan Kaplan-מעיקרים בשבת: פסיק רישא וגרמא
        A review of the basics of eino mitkavein and psik reisha (niche, eino niche and lsheavar) leading up to a discussion of opening refrigerators, old and new on shabbat.
HaRav Yitzchok Sorotzkin-אינומתכוןומקלקל
        Covid is due to and is a lashon hara tikun.  Then on to mkalkeil, chavalah and sheino tzricha lgufo.
HaRav Asher Weiss-טכנלגי’ בשבתברפואה
        Only Pikuach nefesh services (hospitals, army, police) should rely on grama devices for Shabbat.  Then on to understanding grama and mlechet machshevet.
HaRav Yehosha Eichenstein-דבריחיזוק
        Covid was to make us see yad hashem.  Wake up and smell the coffee.
HaRav Meir Tzvi Spitzer-טכנלגי’ בשבתברפואה
        R’SZA and R’Moshe on grama with a particular focus on hasarat moneah and delayed reaction applications.
HaRav Shlomo Gottesman-הפולמוסעלמדימיםבשבת
        Absolutely fascinating discussion of psak in Israel vs. U.S. on Shabbat use of electronic water meters.  It was “necessary” to find a leniency in the U.S. and so it was.
HaRav Tzvi Ortner –עיוניםבטכנלגי’ בשבת
        Technology issues including sensors and voice activation.
HaRav Asher Weiss-ביסוד כלאחר יד
        Is shinui dependent on the act, the result or a change in the object’s essence?  Is klachar yad maaseh or mlacha related?
HaRav Shlomo Cynamon-מלאכה שאין צריכה לגופו
        Is it a mlacha sheino tzricha lgufa if you want the outcome for someone else (e.g., threat of pain, mkosheish to show others Shabbat rules)?
HaRav Zev Smith-טכנלגי’ בשבת
        When defining grama and psik reisha, one must consider kavana, derech mlachto and immediate vs. deferred result.  Specific applications discussed.
HaRav Shmuel Gelley-מלאכתצידה
Are there two kinds of trapping (natural habitat and not)?  How does two people participating change the equation? What is the actual maaseh?
HaRav Chaim Meir Roth-‘קבלנותעכוםבשבתחלקב
Five minute summary!
HaRav Michoel Frank-שכרותוקבלנותעכוםבשבת
Specific applications of schir yom, kablan, aris, maarit ayin and adata dyisrael discussed.
HaRav Nisan Kaplan-אמירהלעכוםהלכהלמעשה
Three basic issues in amira lakum discussed with examples provided-amira, hanaah and machaa.
HaRav Asher Weiss-יסודדיןאמירהלעכום
Amira lakum is a shvut kal. It’s not yad poel.  It can be ok in some situations if expressed as a need, not a demand.
Shlichut is only ny mitzvot which are focused on results.

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