Audio Roundup 2021:6

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by Joel Rich

For trolley enthusiasts: Reuvain (falls, jumps off from) the sixth floor balcony. As he passes by the fourth floor a bullet from Shimon’s fourth floor apartment is released (accidentally, just to let off steam, to kill Levi across the street) piercing Reuvain’s brain and destroying it. As Reuvain’s body passes the third floor and awning (which he and Shimon were aware/unaware of) (was open, is opened/before Reuvain reaches it) and breaks his fall. In each case what is the (secular, halachic) cause of death? What liability is cast on each participant?

Post-The Haredim acted properly band in this group they have created herd immunity for themselves. They are right getting their lives back to order. That is what the entire country should do, while protecting those with medical conditions.

Me-OK- just be clear that younger folks also die and you really haven’t a system for protecting the at risk. So in essence your asking some folks to die for (a perceived) greater good

There are a limited number of hours in the day. Economics is the study of the allocation of scarce resources to unlimited demand

How about the husband and wife sitting down and mapping out their priorities (joint and several) based on their understanding of the will of God for both of them and their family. Then allocate the time between them and repeat frequently.

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