Audio Roundup: Agudas Yisrael-Hilchos Chanuka Series

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by Joel Rich

HaRav Asher Weiss-הקדמה לעניני חנוכה

        Ner ish ubeito may be implying that there is an obligation to light the menorah which falls on the bayit which can be carried out by any individual member of the household (but is not really an individual obligation).

HaRav Nisan Kaplan-דיני הדלקת נרות חנוכה

        R’Kaplan enumerates a number of possible stringencies in menorah lighting including:  Must the candles be capable of staying lit the moment you light them?  (e.g. Before closing the glass door outside, using Floating wicks or adjusting wicks after you light them and other examples); Airplane lighting; cups that can’t stand by themselves; Inedible oil, and more possible chumrot if these weren’t enough for you!

HaRav Simcha Bunim Londinsky-נרות חנוכה: בחוץ או בפנים

        Perhaps the reason galut Jews in safe areas still light the menorah inside is solidarity with those who aren’t in such spaces.  Also discussed, where to light in the house (is the focus on those inside or outside)?

HaRav Shlomo Cynamon-Lighting in Tosfos Zman of Chanuka

        Lomdus in the Rambam vs. S”A on whether it’s best to light chanukah candles at the beginning of shkia or the end.  Includes whether al hanisim is a din in chanukah or tfila plus can you make “early” chanukah as in “early” shabbat (and what exactly does that accomplish)

HaRav Asher Weiss-זמן ומקום בנר חנוכה

        The questions of when and where to light the menorah are related.  Many chanukah halachic questions turn on whether it’s all about pirsumei nisa or it’s also about pirsumei nisa.  Some covid-19 questions also discussed.  There are a number of significant number 13’s concerning chanukah.

HaRav Malkiel Kotler-יסוד דין חנוכה

        Do we say hallel on the menorah, the yeshua or are they intrinsically related?

HaRav Noach Isaac Oelbaum-בדין הלל בחנוכה

        How do we differentiate between a woman’s chanukah chiyuv in neirot vs hallel.  While there is the concept of af heim hayu boto hanes, perhaps the issue is whether hallel is due to the kedushat hayom or the nes.

General Chazara Shiur

        Focus on lighting in two sided facing domiciles and should one light both inside and outside due to chshad?

HaRav Chaim Mordechai Ausband-שעת הסכנה בנר חנוכה

        Menorah inside vs outside – How much of a difference in kiyum?  Is lighting outside due to sakanah of life or danger or shmad?  How much would we have to give up to light outside?  Does it depend on the reason we feel the need to light outside?  What is the chiyuv of msirat nefesh?

HaRav Avrohom Schorr-מוכר כסותו ופרסומי ניסא

Why does menorah lighting require spending more than 20% of your assets.  Is it something special about its pirsumei nisa, about chanukah and/or about being above teva(nature)?

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