Audioroundup Special: R’ YBS

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by Joel Rich

Shabbos 28: Kesher Shel Tefilin


The yud and/or daled of tfillin – halacha moshe misinai?  Since they’re not actual “writing” then they’re not tashmishei kedusha?

Shabbos 30: Mutav Tichbeh Ner Basar V’Dam


R’Chaim was very “stringent” when it came to pikuach nefesh.

Shabbos 31: Osakta B’Pirya V’Rivya?


Asakta b’pru u’rvu – did you make shidduchim?

Shabbos 35: Zman Bein HaShmashos (Machlokes R’T and Vilna Gaon)


The difference of opinion between Rabbeinu Tam and the Geonim is based on which psukim in the Torah you look to for defining day/night.

Shabbos 20: Hanacha Oseh Mitzva


Hadlaka or hanacha oseh mitzvei?

Shabbos 42: Hatzolah Metzuya Hetiru


Saving an egg on Shabbat – is the issue muktzeh or tircha?

Shabbos 45: Muktzah; Machlokes R’ Shimon and R’ Yehuda


Understanding muktzeh and  haktzah, especially machmat issur

Shabbos 47: Bosis L’Davar HaAsur


Understanding the nature of the muktzeh of basis l’davar haasur

Shabbos 50: Sorek Sa’ar


Hair combing may be defined differently for Shabbat and Nazir purposes.

Shabbos 55: Chet of Reuvain


Reuvain’s switching of the beds led to a dimunition of Yaakov’s authority which led to the Yosef/Mitzrayim saga.

Shabbos 56: Morid B’Malchus


There’s a difference between gmar din and the masah umatan of the court in a case of moreid bmalchut.

Shabbos 62: Kedushas Retzu’os Tefilin


What’s the status (Tashmishei or guf kedusha) of the tfillin retzuot tied as a daled and a yud?

Shabbos 65: Mar’as Ayin in Chadrei Chadorim


Maarit ayin may be due to a lfnei iver concern or being nkiim in front  of HKB”H – the difference may be whether it applies to drabanans.  Similarly it also might be lfnei iver or cshad concerns which may imply only duraita is prohibited in chadarei chadarim.

Shabbos 66: Minyanei B’Shem D’Ima


R’Chaim held you use the father’s name when praying for one who is ill.

Shabbos 70: Chilukei Chataos


How separate are the Shabbat mlachot for puposes of hatraah?

Shabbos 71: Chiluk Melachos For Shabbos; Not Yom Tov


Does chiluk mlachot apply for yom tov as well?

Shabbos 73: Zorea: Machlokes Rambam and Rashi (Shiur Grogros)


Is choresh as a mlacha part of siddur pat?  Implications for the shiur for violation?

Shabbos 74: Borer with 2 types of food


The Rambam held there were two types of borer, one of which was ochel mtoch ochel.

Shabbos 74: Parim Silka

Analysis of techina by ochlin-how does kli fit in?

Shabbos 82: Mekaneach B’Tzror

Tearing toilet paper (off the perforations) on Shabbat may be allowed due to kavod habriyot.


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