Audio Roundup 2020:15

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by Joel Rich

My comment to:
R’ YA is writing chizuk, not an objective actuarial analysis. He picks a lot of positive data points and, IIUC, hopes they outweigh the negative ones (some of which you mention). I listen to a lot of shiurim from a number of sources and though not scientific, I get the impression that most of the “you’ve got to change your evil ways” mussar is focused on important, yet generic, topics. Each community IMHO has some 800 pound gorillas which are not being addressed in their internal mussar (offline for details)

Comments on the new edition:
The Oral Law – Chaim H. Schimmel
This book provides an approach to understanding the roles of Rabbis in transmitting and building the oral law. They have functioned as transmitters interpreters, legislators and regulators. There has been much debate throughout Jewish history as to what “oral torah” Moshe directly received and which rules have the force of torah authority.
One underlying theme hinted at, but not fully addressed, is why, in practice, is rabbinic interpretation and legislation binding and how is it constrained?
Not light reading and the Hebrew texts in the appendix, as well as Rabbi Simcha Wasserman’s notes (which in some cases undercut the author’s point), may not be easy reading for some.
Perhaps this would be a good textbook for adult education on the topic!

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