Audio Roundup Special: YU Medical Ethics Society

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by Joel Rich

Rabbi Mordechai I. Willig Dr. Hannah Lipman-Dementia and Alzheimer’s: Navigating Cases of Diminished Capacity
        How a doctor look at patient choices/autonomy in cases of partial and full dementia vs. how a Rabbi looks at them.  There may be cases where interventions are halachically permitted but not required.  All the general provisos about how halacha views personal autonomy are still in play as well.
Rabbi Moshe D. Tendler,Dr. John D. Loike-Epigenetics: The Intrinsic Mother-Child Bond
        Epigenetics defined – there’s still a lot more we have to learn but it’s very clear we need individuals who can combine medical and halachic expertise.
Assemblyman Gary Schaer-Physician Assisted Suicide: Ethics, Legality, and Halakha
        How do physicians poskim and politicians look at physician assisted suicide?  It’s the wave of the future so we need to figure out how to deal with it.
Rabbi Moshe D. Tendler-The Right to Try Law: Risk and Patient Autonomy
        How did R’Moshe view the tradeoff between patient autonomy and v’chai bahem?  R’Tendler is concerned about the use of unproven drugs to improve quality of life in close to terminal patients.
Rabbi Dr. Richard Weiss-Patient Autonomy Versus Physician Autonomy in Assisted Reproductive Technology
        It’s not halachically required to use reproductive technology but social and psychological issues come into play as well.  For single mom’s, age may be an issue in making an appropriateness determination.

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