Audio Roundup: Agudath Israel of America Yarchei Kallah

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by Joel Rich

סוגיא ‬דכלה
עניני תפילה – מס’ ברכות פ’ תפילת השחר – דף כ״ו – ל
Agudath Israel of America Yarchei Kallah
English Language shiurim
HARAV ASHER WEISS-Av Beis Din, Minchas Asher Rosh HaYeshiva, Mosdos Minchas Asher
The Rambam holds that tfila is not a torah mitzvah but it is according to R’Weiss the “ratzon hashem” (other examples – chinuch, yishuv eretz yisrael) [Question – Why are some mitzvot and some ratzon hashem?]
Some mitzvot are primarily about avodah while others are primarily about the result. The former are always required daily unless otherwise commanded and cannot be accomplished through an agent.
Finish tfila by the zman!
HARAV ASHER WEISS PART 2-Av Beis Din, Minchas Asher Rosh HaYeshiva, Mosdos Minchas Asher
How do we reconcile the seeming contradiction in the Rambam concerning required intent in prayer? R’Chaim sees the first reference as the general mitzvah intent and the second as understanding the words. The Chazon Ish sees the first as the general rule and the second as providing specifics. R’Weiss sees three types of intent, standard mitzvah standing in front of HKBH and the plain meaning of the words. Why is there a special focus on intent in the avot section? Hopefully a good start sends you in the right direction!
Q&A includes: status of hirhur (thinking) in prayer; Airplanes (daven by yourself even if you’re a chiyuv (ask someone else to say Kaddish, except that’s not what R’Weiss did?!)); Davening while driving (no); Davening at hanetz (√) vs. with a minyan (but then nice to find a minyan later to answer kaddish); Aruch Hashulchan vs. Mishnah Brurah (shouldn’t compare – we follow MB because he looked at all the achronim even though he never wrote sh”ut [me – why not AH”S since he was actually paskining and thus had hashraat shechina?]); CLOR – he doesn’t have to follow one particular poseik [me – how does he know he isn’t then following tartei d’satri?]; How can gemara say d’avad c’mar avid. Why not just follow rule of majority? (It’s not an ironclad rule (e.g. rebuttable by great individual)); American vs. Israel practices on mincha time; should Yeshivot say heicha kedusha or mincha gedola (no, but they have Roshei Yeshiva); Talmud Torah vs. Tfila priority cases (e.g. chesed vs. Talmud Torah (what is ratzon hashem?)
HARAV SHRAGI KALLUS-Rav, Khal Imrei Pi, Ramat ShlomoRosh Kollel, Machon L’Horaah L’Rabbonim
Chazarat Hashatz is very important. The Arizal says it’s a fix for all the deficiencies in your private prayer! We need to be more focused and not learn etc. during the chazarat hashatz.
HARAV MOSHE HILLEL HIRSCH-Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivas Slabodka
Mussar on the importance of avoiding haughtiness and embracing humility.
HARAV YAAKOV HILLEL-Av Beis Din, Minchas Asher Rosh HaYeshiva, Mosdos Minchas Asher
Mussar on emunah/bitachon/Tfila and Torah learning
HARAV DANIEL TRAVIS-Rosh Kollel, Toras Chaim, Yerushalayim
Understanding tfila (especially nusach ashkenaz vs. sfarad) through the eyes of the Ari Z”L and Kabbalah.
HARAV YOSEF CHEVRONI-Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivas Chevron
Deep lomdus concerning what to do first if you haven’t yet davened mincha and mussaf and you’re in a time period where you could daven either.
HARAV MORDECHAI KUBER-Rabbi, Ohel Avraham Nachlas Tzvi, Telz Stone
Detailed analysis of the differing opinions concerning the specific definitions of the various zmanim (e.g. shkia)
HARAV YOSEF ELEFANT-R”M, Yeshivas Mir, Yerushalayim
Provides a different from the usual understanding of R’Chaim on the nature of tashlumin if the missed tfila had an addition (e.g. mincha yaaleh v’yavo not found in maariv).
If you’re not sure where you lost attention in shmoneh esrai, and you think it might be in the middle of a particular bracha, why would you repeat that bracha – isn’t there a danger of a bracha l’vatala? (there are reasons)
HARAV NISSAN KAPLAN-Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivas Das Aaron
What is the mitzvah status of saying kriat shma (and/or its brachot) after its possible zmanim (duraita and drabanan)? Why does this differ from Shmoneh Esrai? (due to dual nature avodah vs avot [=rachamei])
Is there tashlumin for neilah? Don’t drink coffee during davening!! (Apparently this is “a thing” now)
HARAV YITZCHOK BLAU-Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivas Ateres Tzvi
Can you make Kiddush after davening maariv early and it’s still before the normal Kiddush time?
HARAV MORDECHAI AUSBAND-Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivas Ateres Shlomo
If you missed maariv on motzai shabbat and are davening tashlumin the next day do you include havdalah in shmoneh esrai. (Is it part of the mitzvah of tfila?)?

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