Audio Roundup 2020:12

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by Joel Rich

I The Mishna Brura in O”C 552 states that a “b’al nefesh” should observe the restrictions of Tisha B’av on the other minor fasts. Anyone know if any significant sub-community does this? How does observance of the compare with other b’al nefesh call outs?

A rav visiting a high school spoke to the students concerning acceptable approaches to avodat hashem. His major point was that they’re all ok as long as they have a gadol who supports the approach. I wondered to the student whether the rav, who identified with a branch of chassidut, felt the irony of making such a statement when chassidut’s originator would have failed this test. The student was not amused – are you?

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Joel Rich is a frequent wannabee cyberspace lecturer on various Torah topics. A Yerushalmi formerly temporarily living in West Orange, NJ, his former employer and the Social Security administration support his Torah listening habits. He is a recovering consulting actuary.

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