Audio Roundup: Beth Din Conferences

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by Joel Rich

Rabbi Mordechai I. Willig-The Beth Din of America and Agunah Prevention


Why the RCA prenup works, why you should have one and what were the objections to it (and why R’ Willig thinks it still works)

Rabbi Yona Reiss-Defamation Cases in Beth Din


How do halacha and secular law deal with defamation suits – includes discussion of lashon hara, toelet exception and do waivers work.  Interesting discussion of which cases beit din should hear and what is their enforcement authority.

Rabbi Dani Rapp-Intellectual Property Cases in Beth Din


Since there was no recording technology, Chazal did not deal with IP issues.  (Me – weren’t scribes in that category).  Since the printing press, poskim have taken different approaches to reach  (me – intuitive gut known) result defending IP rights .The differences in approach will yield differences in how long the protection will be and how it will be enforced.

Professor Chaim Saiman-The View from the Outside: Beth Din & the American Legal System


The Beit Din in the US functions as an arbitration panel.

There have been concerns about the nature of the “compulsion” exerted by religious arbitration panels as well as differences in procedures (e.g. role of lawyers, enforcement, written decisions etc.)  The Beit Din of America tries to address these concerns and the expectations of participants.

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