Audio Roundup 2019:52

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by Joel Rich

A High School student causes a teacher to be fired with false testimony that only his parent can refute. The parent lies to protect the child. What percentage of people would do this? (orthodox vs. non?)

2 from today’s Wall St Journal 11/18/2019

  1. For those who thought my actuarial musings about China over the years were a bit daft:
    Old Age Will Put China to Rest
    Retirees will be a fifth of its population by 2040, and productivity will quickly fade out.

Key quote: It turns out that China’s work-age population has peaked or is close to peaking—that pesky one-child policy worked.

2.For those looking for a good reason to start serious torah learning at any age (other than the will of the master of the universe )

What Science Tells Us About Preventing Dementia
There are no instant, miracle cures. But recent studies suggest we have more control over our cognitive health than we might think. It just takes some effort.

Key quotes: ….we have more control over our cognitive health than is commonly known. We just have to take certain steps—ideally, early and often—to live a healthier lifestyle.

Yaakov Stern, a professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons who has written about these studies and the impact of education on dementia, recommends maintaining “educational and mentally stimulating activities throughout life.” This fosters growth of new neurons and may slow the rate at which certain regions of the brain shrink with age. It also promotes cognitive reserve, he says

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