Announcement: New Book: Chizuk Shmuel on Daf Yomi

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I am grateful to announce the publication of my new book on daf yomi: Chizuk Shmuel Volume I: Berachos, and Chizuk Shmuel Volume II: Shabbos.

The aim of the book is to make daf yomi study transformational by identifying a topic on each daf, and using it as a springboard to develop mussar and hashkafic insights. The thesis is that, along with classics like Mesilas Yesharim and Chovos Halevavos, Gemara study can also serve as a daily source of mussar, hashkafah and chizuk.

I have provided a link to the table of contents and introductions for both volumes to give readers a sense of the book: link (PDF)

The volumes can be purchased individually at the printer’s website: Berachos and Shabbos.

— Rabbi Yeshaya Fruchter, [email protected]

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