Audio Roundup: Sacred Time

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by Joel Rich

Sacred Time: A Journey through the Jewish Holidays with Rabbi Meir Soloveichik

“The rhythms of the Jewish calendar are nothing less than the pulsating of the Jewish soul through the centuries.” This powerful idea is the centerpiece of a new YouTube series

Sacred Time Ep 1: Intro to Jewish Time

R’YBS on time (in addition to space) having unique attributes (and holiness).  This applies to past, present and future.

Sacred Time Ep 2: Rosh Hashanah – Creation and Parenthood

Rosh Hashana themes include universal kingship and the parent-child relationship as a paradigm for both sides of the Man/God relationship.  I love Ozymandis too!

Sacred Time Ep 3: Yom Kippur – The Nature of Man

Yom Kippur’s message is that we are all works in progress.

Sacred Time Ep 4: Sukkot – The Eternal Lulav and Etrog

Sukkot reflects our realization that all our (natural) bounty comes from HKB”H.  Life is transient, mortality helps us realize we need to make our lives matter.

Sacred Time Ep 5: Shabbat & The Holidays – A Tale of Two Astronauts

Shabbos’s universal message is about stopping to ponder the meaning of creation.  Yom Tov is more particular to the Jewish nation (represented by the lunar calendar) but just as the moon allows the earth to flourish so does the message we bear impact all those around us.

Sacred Time Ep 6: Hanukkah – The Triumph of Monotheism

The message of the miracle of the Chanukah oil is that if it could last, so could we (and we have).

Sacred Time Ep 7: Tu Bishvat & The Crisis of Modern Identity

Tu bshvat isn’t about ecology, it’s about us being rooted in Eretz Yisrael.

Sacred Time Ep 8: Purim – The Holiday of Jewish Solidarity

Purim’s message is about the loyalty beyond self and the solidarity of the Jewish people.

Sacred Time Ep 9: Passover – The Four Freedoms

Passover’s four freedom’s denote a generational movement through time towards excellence through the law.

Sacred Time Ep 10: The Rebirth of Israel – The Meaning of the Zionist Holidays

Yom Haatzmut and Yom Yerushalayim reflect the fulfillment of biblical prophecies of redemption and divine intervention in human affairs (Jewish destiny)

Sacred Time Ep 11: Shavuot – The Treasure from Sinai

Shavuot is a day we celebrate the law (torah) as our source of guidance and joy.

Sacred Time Ep 12: Tisha b’Av – The Miracle of Jewish Memory

Tisha B’av links the Jewish past, present and future.  Jewish memory demonstrates our belief in the ultimate redemption.



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