Audio Roundup 2019:33

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by Joel Rich

Clarke’s first law states that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. If so, how did Chazal accept any medicinal treatments from non-halachic sources (since no one knew how these treatments actually worked [and in the end they didn’t])

A prominent MO pulpit Rabbi was talking about psak and going to more than one poseik . He stated that going to more than one is not a problem as long as they have similar approaches. In particular he mentioned Rabbi H Schacter, Rabbi M Willig and Rabbi A Weiss. I was a bit surprised because I don’t believe that their psak approaches are particularly similar
I’ve always felt that going to more than one poseik (even in different areas of psak) raises the likelihood that one will be accepting positions which are based on a higher order tartei dsatrei (That even the poseik may not be consciously aware of). I would think this would be especially true when the methodologies of psak of the poskim are much different. It’s certainly been my impression that Rabbi Weiss’s approach is much different in than Rabbi Schacter (e.g. he doesn’t generally hold from tzvei dinim , Is a lot more likely to go with libi omer li. Etc.) Nothing wrong with any of these approaches they just seem to be very different and while even poskim with very similar approaches may come to different conclusions it just seems to me that the same way one would settle on a general life approach in a poseik one might think to strive for consistency in psak approach. I guess the original statement would be more in line with what I call “the franchise” theory (adapted from my consulting life) – Once you earn the trust of your peers (and more so your clients) you get to do a lot of what you want based on the past history/trust rather than on the individual analysis.
Of course none of my musings are lmaaseh

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