Audio Roundup 2019:25

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by Joel Rich

Why do we take off tfillin before Hallel on Rosh Chodesh but before mussaf (for those who wear tfillin) on Chol Hamoed?

Shimon (or Nachshon) Haamsoni is quoted in the famous darshening and undarshening of etim (e.g., Psachim 22b) saga. [For a somewhat different version of the story, see Yerushalim Sotah Chapter 5, which is worthy of its own analysis and reconciliation as is the fact that this is the only context he’s mentioned in the Talmud].
The language of the story has his students questioning what will happen to all his previous drashot and his answering he’ll get reward anyway. The answer doesn’t seem to directly address the question. Perhaps they were asking whether the halacha will change or will other drashot be found to replace these?

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