Audio Roundup Special: YU Tanach Yom Iyun

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by Joel Rich

Professor Smadar Rosensweig-Are Great Leaders in Tanakh Great in the Same Way? Avraham, Moshe, David
        Great leaders are associated with mishpat (justice).  Examples provided.
Rabbi Shalom Carmy-How Jews Read Shir Hashirim
        Shir Hashirim is a double allegory (not simple pshat) but we still need to ask what’s learned from this  approach that we wouldn’t have known without it.  The answer is we see the relationship with HKB”H from the human side rather than from HKB”H’s viewpoint and it allows us to capture the emotional element of our relationship.
Rabbi David Fohrman-Is the Siddur a Commentary on Tanach?
        Tfila is sometimes a commentary on the Torah—an example is understanding what it means that HKB”H “blessed” yom hashabat.
Rabbi Jeremy Wieder-Tanakh As the Source of Jewish Values
        The story lines in Tanach can communicate philosophical meta values to modify what otherwise would be micro halachic applications.  Examples provided.
Mrs. Shani Taragin-Sefer Vayikra: Dimensions of Kedusha in Time and Space
        Sefer Vayikra is all about our relationship with HKB”H and kedusha.  We can get close to HKB”H through Zman (time), makom (place), and adam (us).
Mrs. Yael Leibowitz-Writing on the Wall
        Some interesting thoughts on when Sefer Daniel was written and the messages to that generation (they apply to us as well).

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