Audio Roundup 2019:16

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by Joel Rich

From R’ Aviner

Anonymous Donation
Q: I want to donate books to my Shul in memory of a loved one. Am I obligated to write in the book the name of the person for whom it is donated?
A: No. Hashem knows.
Me: Interesting use of the word obligation. Perhaps another question would be are you obligated to put your name in the book? As I understand it, it may be that the synagogue has rights to switching if you don’t.

From R’ Aviner

Smoking Drugs
Q: I am a teacher. Should I tell my students that before I became a Baal Teshuvah, I smoked drugs and now – Baruch Hashem – I am far from that place?
A: No, lest they say: We can smoke drugs now and then do Teshuvah.

Me: Another classic type 1/type 2 error case where when asked to make a decision -based on the good of the whole or of the individual? How many people will say this versus how many people who might have left will realize that there is hope for them?

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