Audio Roundup 2019:14

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by Joel Rich

Interesting development in Bnai Brak. (link)
IMHO another example of the delicate dance between the laity and rabbinic leadership. (If no one went to those pizza shops, they wouldn’t have remained open.) BTW, who gave them their original supervision? Why?

Siman 231 in S”A O”C is one sif long (“buried” between hilchot brachot and tfilat mincha) which covers all human endeavor. IMHO it’s worth some very detailed discussion but I’ll just mention two points 1.) His “psak” (and I assume it’s psak since it’s included in S”A) seems to demand an ascetic lifestyle (ex. His comments on attitude towards onnah). I’m not sure all agree on this conclusion (and is this truly an area for psak or is there a range where each of us must figure out for ourselves?) 2.) The general rule of evaluating each action based on a goal of service to HKB”H (side point—think about Kahnemann-Tversky systems I and II in this context) seems right on to me but I also perceive that people who actually do this or articulate it as an aspiration, are thought of as somewhat odd, at least in the MO community. Thoughts?

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