Audio Roundup 2019:6

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by Joel Rich

“D Shatz- R’JBS and Western Culture”
Worth it to read even just for this quote “We will see amply that, with Soloveitchik, nothing is straightforward”

Think about it-He also advises pointing out to the father and son conversion may not be the wisest choice, depending on what will happen after. For the boy to convert and become an observant Jew would be a positive; a conversion to assuage the father’s guilty conscience and give the boy access to synagogue rituals like standing at the Torah for an aliyah ignores the downsides of such a conversion, that the boy will be setting himself up for Divine blame and punishment.
Until this point, the non-kosher food the boy ate, the violations of Shabbat he committed, and all his other nonobservances of Judaism brought no opprobrium upon him, since he was not Jewish. Once the boy converts, each action of sin is just that, a punishable crime before God.

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