Audio Roundup 2018:48

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My response to a Cross Currents post on the new popular chareidi music and literature:
As far as the general low culture issue, can we at least agree that even the “frum” low culture does in fact represent some acculturation from the general society around us? Some would argue that conscious awareness of this acculturation allows us to better manage it

My response is below the==================

“A woman called. Some of her ribs were broken. She wanted to know if she was supposed to be mochel / forgive her husband. I told her definitely not. She persisted – isn’t it a special mitzvah, close to Yom Kippur, a segulah that Hashem should forgive us for all our wrongdoing? It told her that it would be no mitzvah at all.

I’m guessing there’s more to the story and that the rabbinic advisor felt that her not being mochel would have an impact on her husband’s actions. If not I would have guessed she would have been told to leave him? FWIW IIRC the only exception to the forgiveness rule is motzi shem ra (spreading negatively about the individual)

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