Audio Roundup 2018:12

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by Joel Rich

Re: Praying for something which is currently unknown (e.g. sex of a baby). There are conflicting sources on the issue, I’ve often thought that this conundrum is something that is existentially part of creation much like R’YBS on bein hashmashot , Perhaps when we are able to figure out the double slit experiment and how the electron can be probabilistically in two places at one time and yet will only be in one place based on an outsider’s observation, will we then be able to answer this question

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I recently attended a levaya in Bet Shemesh for the first time. After the kevura a mincha minyan was organized outside near the funeral hall (which was not in use) and the kollel room (also not in use). When I suggested using one of those venues rather than davening outside (see S”A O”C 90:5 et al) I was told that at this cemetery davening always took place outside. I understand it’s not forbidden but wondered why it would be done if there was an inside alternative. Anyone know?

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Joel Rich is a frequent local lecturer on various Torah topics in West Orange, NJ and supports his Torah listening habits by working as a consulting actuary.


  1. About “Praying for something which is currently unknown (e.g. sex of a baby)”:

    First, I heard RYBS discuss bein hashemashos at a Yarchei Kallah. He declared that halachic logic is multivalent (has more than the “bivalent” true-vs-false). He raised it as a general notion, so you don’t have to be nervous applying it to another sugya.

    However, first I question how there can be two opinions. It’s a stam mishnah and supported in the gemara with a second example — praying that the burning house isn’t one’s own. (Berakhos 54a) We even have a discussion separating Leah’s case, where a miracle changing Dinah’s gender before birth was within the realm of likelihood, in contrast to regular cases, where it isn’t.

    On a more pragmatic note… Can’t we get these sent out using an RSS podcast format?

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