Audio Roundup 2018:8

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by Joel Rich

The Mishna Brurah tells us that the reason everyone says the ribbon shel olam (about dreams) in a Birchat Kohanim outside of Eretz Yisrael on Shalosh Regalim is because everyone must’ve had at least one bad dream in the interim. In Israel, where they duchen every day, the kohanim don’t do the long tune on shalosh regalim (assumedly because they duchen every day so bad dreams can be covered immediately.) Question: So when do you say the ribbono shel olam in Israel if you have a bad dream (meaning, when would you have enough time during Birchat Kohanim to do so)?

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I’m deep into the sugya of gezel Akum. One question I have is a very simple one on the basic source found in Sanhedrin 113a. Why does the gemara quote 2 drashot—one by Rabbi Akiva, a 3rd-generation Tanna, and one by Rav Huna, a 2nd-generation amora? The Rosh gives a reason for why both drashot might be needed (not overly satisfying to me) but doesn’t address the timing issue.
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