Audio Roundup 2018:2

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by Joel Rich

I’d welcome some feedback on some Brisker thoughts. Brisker dialectics sometimes seem like Newtonian physics, which explains a lot, but not all, the data. I wonder if a more quantum mechanics, less Boolean approach might explain more (but be much more difficult to prove).

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Interesting example of psak reflecting human nature- Kohanim don’t leave duchen before kaddish because of the minhag of saying Yasher Koach (people won’t answer the required kaddish responses) So how is it decided when to draw a line in the sand and when to have workarounds?

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About Joel Rich

Joel Rich is a frequent local lecturer on various Torah topics in West Orange, NJ and supports his Torah listening habits by working as a consulting actuary.

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  1. Re Joel Rich and his comment on Bavli supremacy. IIRC the other Math Genius Robert(Yerachmiel) Brody in his Yale Judaica Press book on Geonim discuss when Babylonia became supreme over Israeli Rabbinate,. Around time of Saadiah Gaon. Before that sheilas generally went to closest communities, but in neutral locations they tended. To go Palestinian Rabbinate, after Saadiah Gaon they went to Babylonian Rabbis..

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