Audio Roundup 2017:40

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by Joel Rich

The S”A in O”C 53 discusses what to look for in a Shlicah Tzibbur. We seem to not fully actualize these recommendations (rationalizations include the fact that he is no longer being motzi those who can’t pray). Do you think this result is sociological or halachic driven? Does an individual (e.g., avel) who pushes to be a shatz, etc., when there are more qualified individuals (or especially if they are not qualified), accomplish more good or bad? See especially Aruch Hashulchan 53:5.
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See Chashukei Chemed (Maakot 21a) concerning a cosmetic tattoo for a woman who had breast surgery. R’Elyashav allows based on Tzaar, Choli, and Kavod. Algorithm anyone?
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