New Periodical: Verapo Yerapei VII

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New issue of The Journal of Torah and Medicine of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Synagogue and the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (vol. VII):

  • VBAC in Jewish Law: Halakhah, History and Philosophy by R. Dr. Yaakov Jaffe – Normal childbirth after a C-section — mentioned in the Mishnah — is now fairly common. However, depending on the risk factors may be forbidden because it is too dangerous. Interesting treatment of how Rambam dealt with this procedure, which in his day seemed medically impossible.
  • An Orthodox Jewish Approach to Hospice Care by Dr. Edward R. Burns – Judaism demands prolonging a life in most cases, not just palliative care. Which treatments are mandatory for terminal patients and which can be waived?
  • Hemophilia and Circumcision From Observation to Classification: Connecting a Talmudic Presumption to a Modern Diagnosis by Dr. Daniel Eisenberg – If a baby is diagnosed with hemophilia, should he be circumcised even if his two older brothers did not die from circumcision (as in the Talmudic case)? No. If clotting factors will prevent the danger, should he be circumcised? Yes.
  • The Valmadonna Trust Broadsides: A Virtual Reunion for the Jewish Medical Students of the University of Padua by R. Dr. Edward Reichman – Using a reunion as a literary fiction to tell the story of the prominent Jewish alumni of theUniversity of Padua Medical School, the first such school to admit Jews.

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