Audio Roundup 2017:15

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by Joel Rich

A while ago I posted a question on Kavua and Kahnemann Tversky. Here is part of a response I wrote to a ben Torah who was kind enough to forward me some sources including this analysis from Prof Aumann

You really should consider reading thinking fast thinking slow or a summary as I think it gives extremely important insights into the human thought process which a Poseik,Ben Torah needs to understand. (nb-I received 2 or 3 responses saying I don’t know Kahnemann Tversky but…) …..
the Chida in the Dropbox Aumann piece. It seems to me that this is easily translatable into an the behavioral economics framework along the lines that I was thinking. In the middle of the marketplace situation we have absolutely no information and so all of the things being equal (which of course is really never the case) we used pure statistical probabilities. In the case of going in the store in theory the individual in many respects is trying to remember which store it was in or why he picked it and maybe anchoring this in a poor heuristic , That’s we say 50-50

I’m not sold on it but I do think at least it’s a possible explanation

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Is it your experience that pick up mincha minyanim (i.e., outside a formal synagogue setting) often skip tachunun (I’m not talking about at a simcha)? If so, why?

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