Audio Roundup 2017:11

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by Joel Rich

Sacrifice Nothing. Achieve everything. Really? I’m curious who developed and approved this motto. It certainly is attractive to the current consumer oriented immediate gratification culture but does it have the added advantage of being the truth?

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“Bikeish Yaakov leishev b’shalva.” Yaakov wanted to sit in tranquility. Is the message of this medrasah that this is not a proper goal? Why then did Yaakov seek it?

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About Joel Rich

Joel Rich is a frequent local lecturer on various Torah topics in West Orange, NJ and supports his Torah listening habits by working as a consulting actuary.

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  1. About R’ Asher Weiss’s shiur, you comment: “(Me – will Machon Tzomet become the defacto approach or will even they need to go back to first principles as technology becomes more embedded in everyday life.)”

    I really think we’re hitting a crisis as to how far we can go running on precedent set in the years up to Rabbi Hillel II (385 CE) given the pace society and the situations our posqim have to deal with are changing.

    In other words, we really have to go back to first principles in such a fundamental way, I don’t see how we we can do it without restoration of the full halachic process.

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