Audio Roundup 2017:10

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by Joel Rich

Recently there have been a number of events and debates that remind me that if we can’t agree on our axioms, debating the theorems can be an exercise in futility. In an age of autonomy and I’m OK/you’re OK, it seems hard to convince anyone of anything they don’t want to be convinced of (because I’m the father doesn’t seem to work anymore ). As someone once responded when I was reviewing a psak of R’Asher Weiss based on libi omerli, “Well, libi omer li differently” (as in R’H Schachter is a Rabbi and so is Rabbi X, and I choose to follow Rabbi X).

In this context, I thought the words of R’YBS (in the new “Halalchic Morality” – truly a Maggid Modern Classic) are worth considering “First the performance of Masorah is not to be identified with teaching. While the latter is a purely pedagogic dialectic gesture, the former signifies not only a technical act but also a spiritual engagement, a personalistic commitment of teacher and pupil . . . second the act of masorah involves a sympathetic relationship between master and pupil expressing itself in a personal union of hearts in a feeling of loyalty and devotion In this sentiment of sympathy, the pupil . . . considers himself as a bit of the other person.”

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Where do you stand on the famous machloket between Dick Barnett and Walt Frazier—Is a good pass defined as one which gets to its intended recipient or by the mechanics/probabilities at the time of its release?

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Joel Rich is a frequent local lecturer on various Torah topics in West Orange, NJ and supports his Torah listening habits by working as a consulting actuary.

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