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YU once gave Rav Dovid Lifshitz a raise against his objection that he didn’t need it. So he donated the extra money to Ezras Torah. That’s commitment to Jewish education. This is the fault of both the Board and the administration that receives such outrageous compensation.
Financial Efficiency within Presidential and Administrative Salaries

Earlier this month, The Chronicle of Higher Education released its annual survey of university presidents’ salaries. The survey revealed that Yeshiva University’s President Richard Joel amassed $2….

Social Experiment Reveals Israeli Kindness, Integrity

A social experiment conducted last week showed Israelis helping whom they thought was a blind a student mistaking a large bill for a small one. A video of the experiment, posted on Facebook by the pro-Israel group StandWithUs, shows the Israeli posing as a blind student asking strangers to break a 2…

New issue of Emunas Itekha
מכון התורה והארץ-‘למעשה’ אקטואליה הלכתית

אתר ‘למעשה- אקטואליה הלכתית’ מבית מכון התורה והארץ עוסק במחקר, הוראה ויישום של הנושאים ההלכתיים האקטואלים העולים מהחיבור המיוחד בין התורה לארץ בדורנו

How parents and ideologues have severely damaged Modern Orthodox education
Analysis: Modern Orthodox Education Caught Between…Modern And Orthodox | Matzav.com

Analysis: Modern Orthodox Education Caught Between…Modern And Orthodox February 7, 2016 3:22 pm 0 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter By Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman When the Pew Research Center published its much-discussed survey of American Jews in 2013, the findings seemed auspicious for the Orthodox deno…

This is the next big issue of religious rights–doctors forced to violate their convictions
Letter from a Toronto Jail

One of Canada’s prisoners of conscience, Mary Wagner, in a moving letter from her Vanier Centre . . . .

P Berger
The Modern City: Where Religions and Secularism Live Side by Side

The hospital as pluralistic secular temple.

Of course, a BT
Why this funnyman BBC producer/comic doesn’t own a TV

When not working on the popular series ‘Little Britain,’ ultra-Orthodox comedian Ashley Blaker is making the synagogue rounds with his new stand-up show, ‘Ungefiltered’

Thriving indie Jewish communities join forces to create rabbinic fellowship

The communities of the Jewish Emergent Network have been widely hailed for their innovative spirit and proven success in attracting the young and unaffiliated.

Israeli taxman eyes off-the-books “religious services industry”

Jewish Scene: Private religious consultations and services are regularly performed by Israeli rabbis, almost always involving extra payment or donations.

R Y Adlerstein
Mixed emotions about the Kotel compromise | Cover Story

Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein What’s the definition of mixed emotions, asks the old gag line: Finding out that your business competitor and rival has just driven off a cliff — in your new Lamborghini. The Orthodox community has to greet news of the Kotel agreement similarly. We can hope that it will br…

On the ‘Tikkun Olam’ Fetish

Are Jews commanded to “repair the world” or to repair the Jews?

Yeshiva University Returns Historical Rabbinical Documents

The collection, which spans 30 volumes and is valued at $250,000, disappeared during WWII after a rabbi stored it for safekeeping in a German rabbinical seminary, which was later closed by the Nazis.

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