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rashiRashi (Rabbi Shlomo ben Yitshak) was a great 11th century commentator on the Torah. This brief video outlines his major scholarly contribution within historical context.

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Henry Abramson, PhD is Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Services at Touro College South, Miami and is the author of several works in Jewish history and thought. @hmabramson


  1. about 1:45 he claims rashi established a school in southern france – provence. he never got there. he was in northern france only. his activities in the rhineland was to study there and see the library in mayence -mainz and afterwards returned to northern france to trois

  2. furthermore the conclusion is that rashi was one of the greatest jewish “thinkers”. i would say commentators, not thinker which implies a philosophical system which rashi did not make. moreover, how much kabalah is in his torah commentary? finally as important torah commentary is – and there is no mention of his nach and ketubim commentary at all – i would place his talmud commentary at the primary level. the torah is not a sealed book without rashi, the talmud virtually is.

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